Monday, 3 March 2014

Groan, grumble, *says something incoherent about getting old* ... in short "Ouch."

Hey guys,

Remember when I said I was going out with a mate of mine on Friday night who I hadn't seen since I was 16? Yeah... so that happened. That happened a lot. That happened non stop until 6am Saturday. Then the rest of the weekend was me laying in bed thinking about how that happened a lot and worrying that I may never walk again.

I danced for about 8 hours. I have never been that active for that long amount of time since... well probably when I was 16. And Friday night, I was all "yeah, I can still do this, I've been getting old for no apparent reason. My weight gain and general unfitness is nothing but a figment of my imagination." I was instead the queen of hardcore dance and I would dance all night... what's more, I completely did.

However, when I reached my tube stop at around 6:30am, shoes in hand and a giant escalator to climb, I soon realised that there was a slight chance I would suffer repercussions from my decisions. And boy did I ever. To say that my muscles weren't exactly appreciative of the additional exercise, would be an understatement of epic proportions. Never mind the act of standing, to simply bend my knee sent aches to pretty much every section of my body, I spent the weekend holed up in my bed and I didn't leave once.

Today marks the first day that I have attempted movement, as I have come to work. Today is also the first day where I have managed to successfully move from point A to point B with a minimal of only five expletive phrases, such as "Ah poo stains!" or "Shizzle Sticks" ... I was in pain, doesn't mean I couldn't get creative... sometimes a standard swear word just doesn't cut it.

Guys, I honestly don't think I will ever be able to walk right again. I am broken. Completely. And this weekend is the first time where I have actually started to realise I may not have the resilient awesome body most people in their youth have... I have reached past that point. I'm 28 and my body has begun the long free fall down the chasm of destruction. Soon, I will be spouting out phrases such as "I just can't do that anymore" or "I'm way too old to get away with that" or even the dreaded "Sorry, my crazy party days are over."


Thing is I never really got on board with that whole "crazy party" phase when all my friends were. I went out... sometimes. But I was always the kind of girl who would prefer doing  a good cross stitch in front of one of the versions of Pride and Prejudice. Although I don't completely regret my "stay at home and finish my hanjie puzzle" attitude towards life, I am beginning to realise that there's the slight chance I missed out on the period in my life where I would be able to do fun things like dancing until 6am and still be able to get up and do outside things the next day.

Truth is however, I'm not too bothered about the whole thing. I had an freakin awesome time on Friday... it was ridiculous and funny and a massive laugh, but I'm also in no rush to do it again next week. I could probably do it about 3-4 times a year... perhaps... maybe. In the meantime, I have just received my latest subscription for my Hanjie puzzle and there is a cross stitch pattern I've had my eye on for a while.

Not to mention, on the recommendation of the lovely Lucy's Football, I spent my recovery period watching Veronica Mars and having the widest range of reactions to it... I'm about half way through season 2 at the mo, and so far, these have been my reactions:

First few episodes:  Really not too sure if I'm going to find this too cheesy or not. But I trust Lucy's Football, I will persevere.

Next few episodes: Okay... now I really want to know what's going on. Not too sure still about the "teenage private detective" thing, but Amanda Seyfried is dead and I can't stop watching it now. I need to know who would do that. She's awesome.

Next few episodes: Oh no you di'nt! Wait, when did I stop finding this cheesy?

Next few episodes: And now I can add Logan to the list of guys I really shouldn't be attracted to but really am.

Next few episodes: Woah, this shizzle just got real. I fancy Logan. That's okay right? He might be 17 in this, but he's older than me in real life, so it's totally justifiable... yeah, that's justifiable.

Next few episodes: Yeay! Willow's in it!

End of Series 1: No.Way. That did not just happen. I need to start Series 2, and right this very second.

End of Series 2, Episode 1: Oh dear, I'm going to end up a hermit. Here we go again.

Yeah, pretty much exactly how everyone reacts to Doctor Who as well. Well done Veronica Mars for totally playing that mind trick on me. How do these tv people do that? They sneak into our brains and ninja around in there until we have achieved the obsession status.

So, thank you Lucy's Football for the recommendation. I am enjoying it immensely. To everyone else, yes I did spend one night as a complete party animal, but do not fear... my regular geekdom will win out and I compensated by finishing three of my "no one's ever heard of them, but I can't get enough of it" Hanjie Japanese puzzles... if you haven't heard of Hanjie; google it. You can thank me later.

I'll end with my favourite photo ever to wake up to... Dear Benedict Cumberbatch, you are the photobomb God. Dear World, we need to make this a thing at all future Oscar ceremonies.

Awesome. Just awesome.

Peace out my lovelies.

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