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Fancy Things Friday: James Acaster

Welcome to Fancy Things Friday, where I talk about things on a Friday that I think are fancy!!

Okay, before I start this week's Fancy Things Friday, I just wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone who has been so supportive of my post yesterday. I'm not kidding guys, the love that I received after I uploaded yesterday's post was so beautiful, I have been grinning like a Cheshire Cat all day. You are all beautiful and wonderful people and make my world that little bit more stunning just by being in it. Seriously, depression could be cured worldwide just by people having the same group of friends, both Internetual and Real-Life, as I do. Love you. 

Oookay, now I've got that out of the way, it's time for this week's Fancy thing! Today, it takes the form of a person. I've referred to him before in a Fancy Thing, but have yet to give him the centre spotlight that he deserves. So today I'm going to talk about a guy who is fast becoming my favourite comedian. I don't mean to oversell him at all, but there has yet to be anything I've heard him in, where I haven't laughed out loud at least twice at something he said. 

His name is James Acaster. As far as I can tell, he's fairly new to the whole comic scene, certainly the televised aspect of it. I first heard of him when I started in on the backlog of the Xfm Josh Widdicombe Show podcasts. He shows up for the last half of the show most weeks and, for the majority of them, talks about his 'Classic Scrapes' which involve all the times that he's managed to get himself into trouble in life, and how he managed to get out of them. They're all awesome and make me laugh heartily. More recently, he's been doing different things, such as offering advice in an Agony Uncle type role, and most recently, giving tourist information for different parts of the country... He's only done Brighton so far, but he suitably sold it. Anywho, if you want a good podcast to wile away the time you spend commuting... or procrastinating at work... whatever floats your boat, then give these podcasts a listen because they tend to brighten anyone's day. 

He's done a few televised appearances, as far as I have seen. For anyone who is reading this and are avid James Acaster fans, please don't be offended for the inevitable TV appearances I am now going to miss in my sell of him. If James Acaster himself is reading this... um, Hi? Please read this post as the puff piece it is intended to be, rather than any weird form of stalkerish and obsessive post... of course, if you hadn't thought that up to this point, you probably think it now... please don't. I'm not anything weird, just a fan. You're funny. Congratulations. 

There, I came off well then. Yes, having read it back, I'm confident that I sound completely normal and even slightly cool. And I'll continue. 

So, in terms of clips of his televised work. I'll give you the brief stand up he did on Russell Howard's Good News. Please ignore any misconception that there is a miss-spelling of his surname in the background. It is an e, not an o, and if you see an o, you clearly have some form of letter disease. 

Oh, and yes, he's ginger. No, that isn't the sole reason for my liking him. I am capable of forming opinions outside of that fact. 

My reasons for finding his general word area funny, is probably because of the Britishness of his humour. Small town guy from Kettering apparently means hilarity falls out of his mouth. For more stuff on his work, youtube is always a good site to check out. He also has an official website, which I've linked to his name above. 

He's done a few panel shows, which is my favourite thing. I LOVE panel shows... maybe I could do a Fancy Thing Friday on that one week... oooh, I'm getting excitement chills just thinking about it. Okay, back to the Acaster. I've put below two particular shows that I've seen him in. One 30 mins and one 35 mins, which gives you plenty enough to go on whilst you pretend not to work on a Friday afternoon. You are very welcome. 

First: Never Mind the Buzzcocks (Music based quiz)

Second: 8 Out of 10 Cats (News based quiz)

If you are thinking after watching that, "James Acaster is funny" then yes, you would be correct. If you are thinking either "That man isn't funny" or "I don't get him at all" or "Why is this a Fancy Thing Friday?" then bad person, bad bad person. You are clearly wrong in your thinking... or you are someone who is capable of having their own opinion about things and don't find something good just because I say it despite the fact that the things that you find entertaining aren't the same to mine, and I should learn to stop being so closed minded and accept that this is a way of life and not everyone is going to appreciate the same things I do, regardless of how certain I am that the things I find Fancy clearly are the correct things to find Fancy.


I think I've said all I need to on this subject. I'll see you all at his next gig, because you'd all be fools not to go... or just unable because you have to look after the kids or something. For those people, I'll see you at the one after that... if he does new things, I don't know how interested I'd be to see the same show twice. Unless it's really funny, then I could probably watch it again... although I'm not made of money. But then, from all the clear advertising I've done today for him, I'm sure he'd consider comping a couple of the tickets every now and again. I mean, come on, at least 6 people read this blog regularly... that's a lot of monies coming his way... I'll wait for my tickets in the mail. 

Peace out my lovelies

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