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Fancy Things Friday: Between two ferns and the President vs the Prime Minister

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There are a great many things in the world today that make me laugh. I feel highly privileged to live in a time where something as awesome as the Internet exists and continues to spout out amazingness after amazingness. One of the things that constantly brings me joy is the Funny or Die website and, in particular, Zach Galifianakis' Between Two Ferns interviews.

For those of you who don't know, Galifianakis is a comedian/actor who is most well known for being Alan in The Hangover movies. He's freakin' hilarious and I quite simply adore him. A couple of months ago, I stumbled across one of his 'Between Two Ferns' interviews that he did with a series of actors all involved in 2013's Oscars.  I was initially more enamoured with Jennifer Lawrence's "You should be off pudding" comment as I do love me a bit of clever word play, and we all know how I feel about the Lawrence. However, I was also intrigued/highly amused by the whole thing and so naturally found myself procrastinating all over the internet once more as I watched every other interview he had done.

So, basically the whole concept of the interview is that it is as awkward as possible. Galifianakis will insult the interviewee and vice versa. There tends to be a dead pan humour involved throughout and thus hilarity is created. Obviously, all guests are involved in what is going to happen in the interview, and no one actually assumes that it will be at all seriously meant, but I would be interested to know just how much is scripted and how much is done on the spot.

The overall premise is that it is a send-up of interviews and, as the website suggests, it is designed for the viewer to find it funny, or they will die a horrific death. Luckily, I have so far found these interviews funny and so have come out of the viewing experience unscathed, but this is the main reason why I have, so far, not ventured into the realms of the other videos on this site, for fear that it might not tickle my funny bone and then a sniper takes me out as soon as the video ends. I'm not saying that's exactly how they do it, but I've learnt the hard way to always take the title of a website as seriously as I can... it's also why I feel incredibly guilty for watching College Humor videos, given that I am clearly not in college. I still do it... mainly because there is no threat of death involved for breaking this rule and I still hold a small obsession with Jake and Amir, but I certainly feel naughty doing it.

If you haven't heard of Between Two Ferns before, you've probably become vaguely aware of it this week as they uploaded what I considered to be the most amazing interview of all time. Yes, ladies and gents, Zach Galifianakis interviewed President Obama. Apparently this hasn't gone down well with all people, but those with a funny bone will have inevitably fallen about laughing from it's awesomeness because it was so beautifully done... Has anyone guessed so far that I liked this vid? It also makes me massively jealous that America have a President as cool as this. The thought of our Prime Minister doing anything like this makes my skin crawl... I have no doubt that he would do it, but guaranteed the whole thing would be an embarrassing cringe fest that would have the entire population of Great Britain jumping into holes to hide until the nastiness has gone away.

Our Prime Minister does try to be cool and "with it" quite regularly, normally through Twitter, and pretty much every time fails miserably. However, Britain does tend to fight back on this with the best tool we have at our disposal, Sarcasm. And when we do fight back, we do it well. An example of this I have to share with you was over a tweet that David Cameron put up last week, whereby he was talking about being on the phone with Barack Obama. Along with this tweet, he posted a photo of him posing, as if on the phone. The reaction he got to this made me love humankind so much I wanted to cry. Please check it out here. 

Yeeeaaah, so he's not really anything we've got to jump up and down about and be proud of... And before people start telling me that he's there to run the country, not win points on how "down with the kids" he is, I am aware but I'm pretty sure that he doesn't do any part of his job particularly well, so it's not really a point worth making... (a little bit of political cattiness there, first time for everything).

Back to Between Two Ferns. Obama rocked my world with his interview. This can be found here. If you don't watch anything else I put on here, make an exception for this one, because it is soooo good.

After uploading yesterday's Bieber post, Patrixmyth brought to my attention an interview Zach did with the Bieber which, again, was awesome. I normally would at this point just litter my blog with video after video, and believe me, there are loads to choose from, but Funny or Die don't seem to like people embedding their videos onto external sites. Probably because it then makes monitoring the people watching it harder, and therefore people might get away with watching a video, not finding it funny, and somehow managing to live afterwards. I can understand, therefore, why it is they are so strict. How else are they to be taken seriously, if they aren't delivering on what their title suggests?

So, as this is the case, I have instead created a large font 'click here' section below, which will take you to their Between Two Ferns site for all the watching you would like to do. Don't worry, there's no way you won't find it funny. In fact, so confident am I on this that I'm prepared to take full responsibility on the deaths of anyone killed by the Funny or Die site for lack of humour.

NB: If you are without a sense of humour, don't click on it. Being without humour and clicking on a website called "Funny or Die" just proves that you are not only humourless but also incredibly stupid and have a death wish, which I completely refuse to take responsibility for.

Okay, that's it. Have an awesome weekend. You're welcome for the lols.

Peace out my lovelies.

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