Monday, 31 March 2014

I'm so cliche at times... but I'm choosing to roll with it.

I know that it's ridiculously cliche of me, but I am a gal who lives in London and genuinely adores this city more than anything else I know. I'm like the British version of Carrie from Sex and the City, except without the money to buy fashionable clothes... or the sex with rich men... but the city bit is pretty accurate. I love this place. I love how I can leave the house and go to all the best places of London in 30 minutes. I love that there is literally somewhere for everyone here, no matter what you're into. I see tourists walking the streets and sometimes I just want to point at them and go "Ha! Suckers! I live here 24/7. Enjoy your eventual flight home." ... I'm not saying that I would do that, but the impulse is pretty high.

This is generally how I feel most days, but today I'm feeling exceptionally patriotic. You see, yesterday I met up with a gal who had just moved here from Australia and needed to be shown around. Naturally, wanting to be a good host, I did the classic tourist route. This is the route down the River Thames, starting at Big Ben, walking past the London Eye, continuing past many a street entertainer and classic British Pub (where we stopped for food and a look across the Thames), passing London Dungeons, Tate Modern Gallery, National Theatre, Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, the Cutty Sark and then hopping on a short train ride to finish the tour at Buckingham Palace. Oh yes, you want me to show you around London? I'll fit it all in one day, ladies and gents... For anyone who might not be aware of where it is that we just travelled, imagine, if you will, the opening credits of Sherlock. Everything you see in there? That's where we went... except Baker Street, ironically.

Anywho, I've done this tourist tour quite a few times when friends have come to visit, and each time it just makes me love this City until I want to throw up all over it... Not to mention, we began the day in London's West End (where the majority of our theatres and culture is based), and accidentally stumbled onto the UK Divergent premiere. Now I haven't read the books, nor do I know anything about the films, but I did see Kate Winslet and a lot of teenage girls dressed up in ball gowns with tickets to see the show... clearly hoping that if they dressed up really nice, they would get picked up by this man:

20f88988a6302ae5c85c653caeb0064b.png (350×350)

Apparently this is the new teenage crush? I'm not sure. One-And-Only-Daniela has read the books but got so pissed off with them that she has told me I'm not allowed to read them, and everyone knows I do exactly what she tells me. Anywho, he was there and this was apparently a big thing. I didn't get much time to dwell on it however as I got distracted trying to explain to my new Australian friend why Leicester Square is spelt that way but pronounced Lester Square... I left it a while before I told her about Gloucester Road, or about the London "ghetto" speak of 'blud', 'fam', and 'allow that.'

Guys, if any of you have never visited London before, you need to. I've done London puff pieces on this blog before, but I couldn't help myself from doing it again. You ever find yourself in the area, you need to call me up and I will show you around this shizzle, I will show you around it hard.

Also, if you don't want to do the tourist thing, we can do the nightlife. You name it, I'll find a place for it. Because that's how awesome London is. Now excuse me whilst I go and attempt to get a job writing for a London Tourist Guide. You guys know I'd be all over that.

Peace out my lovelies.

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