Monday, 17 March 2014

Coffee has ruined my brain today

I have had faaar too much caffeine this morning. As such, I'm feeling slightly weird, buzzed and not totally with it. Or maybe, I'm too with it. I can't decide, on account of having too much caffeine and my brain buzzing around my head too much.

Friday night I went out with a friend of mine who, before this month, I hadn't seen since we were 16 and at school together. This Friday was the second time we had seen each other in the month and I'm currently loving the catch up time. We went to see the new 300 movie which, I've realised, is something that can be hard to focus on when you spent the two hours previous in a bar drinking. I hadn't had loads to drink but I was at the point where I was suitably sleepy and so couldn't really focus on it... which I guess means that this was the ideal movie to see as really it only consists of people digging swords and arrows into other people until they die. There was this kick-arse woman in it who was a General or something. I got all enamoured with her within the first half hour and, after seeing her command an army, turned to my Friend TJ and proudly announced that I wished I was like her. I even began to think of ways to change my lifestyle so that I could be as awesome as she was. Shortly after I made this announcement however, she proceeded to cut a man's head off and then kiss the decapitated head. It was at this point that I feared I spoke too soon.

Very aware that TJ and I were still in the throes of getting to know each other again and he might very well assume that this is something I secretly wanted to do, due to not knowing me well enough to know that kissing corpses wasn't exactly my idea of fun, I felt I had to backtrack on my previous statement. Luckily, he seemed to accept the fact that, although I'd like to be an awesome woman who could lead an army, I drew the line at getting frisky with heads with no bodies and so didn't hold my first statement against me... talk about dodging a bullet there... I'll probably wait until we've hung out a few more times before revealing my previous interest in friendly cannibalism.

The night was fun, despite my almost nodding off during the movie, and I even managed to get home at a decent hour, which definitely had not been the case the first time we had gone out... *cough* 6:30am *cough*.

The rest of my weekend consisted of my new weekend marathon, which was Big Bang Theory as I was three series behind with the show. My love for it once again grew to the obsessive level it usually gets to when I'm overly exposed to its episodes. I have yet to find a single person who doesn't find that show awesome, especially since the introduction of Bernadette and Amy. Also, my suspicions that my ideal man is a man who holds sociopathic tendencies, based on my love for Sherlock and the Doctor, was once again confirmed as I found myself being drawn to Sheldon... I don't know what it is about that man, but I kinda love him.

I fear I'm beginning to come down from my caffeine buzz as I'm writing this. I'm not enjoying the experience at all. Although my mind is still racing around at 100 miles per hour, the rest of my body is beginning to feel knackered from it all. Moderation is not something I am any good at, at all.

Ooooh! I've hit the final day of my second book. This is the last day that I'm going to write about, although it is a long day and I've only just begun it. I spent Sunday having a roast dinner in a pub and working on my book in that way that suggests I'm all pretentious because while everyone else has come out to the pub to enjoy the beautiful weather and converse with people, I'm sitting there with my lap top, on my own, Ed Sheeran's 'I See Fire' playing on repeat on my headphones and completely isolating myself from any form of social interaction because it would just distract me and who needs that?

Yes peeps, if you are thinking of buying and reading this second book when it's published and want a song to listen to, to set the mood, just know that the majority of it was written and edited to the song 'I See Fire.' Amazing song and just one more reason for me gape wordlessly at Ed Sheeran, whilst I wonder how the hell it is that he manages to not do a single thing wrong in every song he's ever written or performed and how awesome he looks. I mean that guy isn't just ginger, he is ginger. Amazing and so perfect.

Okay, my brain has now stopped completely because it's sad from having been forced to work overtime and has now had the sense not to listen to the caffeine in my body, but instead fall asleep whilst it recovers from being abused by drugs. Once again, just another reason why I never do anything stronger than Caffeine for drugs. In light of this, I'm going to go now and try not to fall asleep for the afternoon... it would be about this time that I would make myself a cup of coffee but the very thought of it has my body protesting and refusing to move from my chair.

As I said, not totally with it today, which is why this post has been a little weird and not really of the sense making variety. Sorry about that. Less coffee based drugs tomorrow, I promise... possibly.

Peace out my lovelies.

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