Friday, 28 March 2014

Fancy Things Friday: My most Fanciest Fancy of all Fancies; Flight of the Conchords

Welcome to Fancy Things Friday, where I talk about things on a Friday that I think are fancy!!

It has occurred to me that since starting this feature, I have only really talked about the things that I have recently found fancy and not anything that has been fancy in my life for a long time. Today, I shall rectify this. Today, I shall talk about two men who have been fancy in my life since I found them when youtube was invented and it was only fan videos of them singing live. Back then, there were no albums, no TV shows, no 'available to purchase' songs. All we had was fan-made recordings of concerts from 20 rows back, sneaky downloads of unofficial recordings of songs, and one BBC Audiobook they did that was so wonderful, I must have listened to it 100 times... on repeat... daily. 

I am, of course, talking about Flight of the Conchords... my own personal reason for high expectations in men during my late teens and all of my 20s. Yes, when people were obsessing over finding perfectly sculpted men who sparkled in the sunlight and wanted to kill you, I was refusing to settle for a guy who had anything less than these following attributes: 

1. He had to have a best friend who he duetted with and harboured an unspoken deep down attraction for. 
2. He had to have a completely laid back, 'don't care', almost bored tone to his voice, even if he did care very much about what was being said. 
3. He had to have an uncanny, yet unending ability to come up with whimsical and awesome tunes about cutlery, racist dragons, making love for 2 minutes, the fear of robot domination in a time that has already passed, a woman called Jenny, or how everything just goes Boom whenever I am near... or, you know, something similar. 
4. He had to be able to play many instruments, including some that might not be as popular in today's society.
5. He had to love Flight of the Conchords. 

That's pretty much all I have ever been looking for in a man... Still haven't found him by the way, but if you are reading this and tick all of the above, I would love to hear from you. 

Anywho, when I Fan something, I Fan it hard. It's always been the way. From the moment of being introduced to them by my brother, who sat me down and made me listen to "Think About It, Think Think About It" all those years ago, I have been on a one woman crusade to get the world to know all about them. 

Of course, that was a completely different time, when there were a lot of people in the world who hadn't heard of them. Nowadays, they are much more popular and awesomely adored by the majority... or at least, if they aren't adored, they are known of. But as that was happening, I had one mission in life and that was to make sure that everyone I met loved them as much as I did. 

Now, due to them being the awesome people that they are, it happened to become one of the more easier missions to complete. Pretty much everyone I forced them upon had the opinion of, at worst, "Yeah, they're pretty funny, now what was I doing before you shoved this computer in my face?" or, at best, "These two are my soulmates and my life is so much better now I have them in it."

For those of you who (for some unfathomable reason) might not have heard of the awesomeness that is Flight of the Conchords, here's a quick rundown of who they are and what they do:

1. They're a two man folk band from New Zealand. (Fourth most popular folk band in the whole country, actually).
2. They're names are Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement
3. They sing amazingly funny songs
4. They have a fondness for animals on clothes
5. They are awesome
6. Their faces look like this: 

They sort of blew up in America after doing a live show on One Night Stand on HBO. Naturally, they rocked it and were awesome. Out of that, they got their own show. This is where most people recognise them. They basically did two series of awesome where they incorporated their songs into a sitcom type show about two guys called Bret and Jemaine who had travelled from New Zealand and are trying to make it in America as a band called Flight of the Conchords... I don't know where they get their ideas from. Amazing. 

The TV show used the already popular songs they had done, as well as mingling in some new ones created just for the show. Some of my favs from the series are: 

The Most Beautiful Girl in the Room

I'm not crying (It's just been raining on my face)

I've got hurt feelings

If you're into it

Leggy Blonde

I have to stop myself. There are so many more, so many many more. But then I'd just be listing all of them, and you might as well just go and watch the thing instead... something which you all should be doing anyway this weekend. In fact, I'd go as far to say that if you haven't seen their TV show, then take this weekend to do it. I don't care if you already have plans. Nothing can be as important as this. Also, in these episodes, you not only get to enjoy Bret and Jemaine but you get to meet their manager Murray and their number one fan Mel... and believe me, you need to know who these people are. 

Throughout my recruiting mission, I managed to find one friend in particular who became as hardcore a fan as I was. Together we managed to score tickets at their last UK tour and, although we were stuck in the rafters of the arena, and they both looked like ants to us, the whole evening was the epitome of  happiness. 

(Look how close we were!!)

... Now we reach the sad part of my tale. As it stands at the moment, both Bret and Jemaine seem to have put Flight of the Conchords to one side and are getting on with their own things. Amazing things like writing the music for The Muppets movies and winning an oscar (Bret) and starring in Hollywood movies such as Dinner for Schmucks and Men in Black 3 (Jemaine) but still, there is a massive Flight of the Conchords hole in my life and they are currently refusing to fill it... Sigh. 

Okay, so this has probably been the most manic of all of my Fancy Thing Fridays... which, in hindsight, is probably why I should stick to only writing about things I've recently found Fancy, you know, before it has time to manifest into an unhealthy thing, so as to at least seem like I'm not five seconds away from becoming a full time stalker who goes around collecting my favourite celebrities shredded hair and skin and keeping them in matchstick boxes underneath my bed... which I'm not. I haven't even thought about it. Not at all. 

If you are a lover of the Conchords, I thought I'd leave you with some videos that are equally as awesome as what has been mentioned, only maybe not as well known. You are welcome and enjoy. 

Feel Inside (and Stuff Like That)

Woo a Lady (from their last tour)

Have an amazing weekend. 

Peace out my lovelies.

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