Friday, 28 February 2014

Fancy Things Friday: If I were you; Jake and Amir

Welcome to Fancy Things Friday, where I talk about things on a Friday that I think are fancy!!

I was in two minds about whether I should talk about this particular fancy thing this week. Not because I doubt they're at all fancy, but rather because I haven't quite finished working through everything that they've done and so it may not be a well rounded review. 

Having said that, because this thing has taken over my week completely, I have not had time to discover any other fancy thing so I've had to just go for it. 

Okay, so this week my fancy thing is a podcast I discovered. They've actually been going successfully for like a year now, and I'm really behind in jumping on this particular bandwagon, but considering I barely knew what a podcast was about two months ago, I think I can be given some slack. 

The podcast is called "If I were you." 

It's hosted by two American guys called Jake and Amir and has been responsible for all of my public displays of sudden barks of laughter for this week. I'm not kidding guys, they just get funnier and funnier each episode. 

What attracted me to them in the first place was that they have the entire backlog of their work available to listen to, which is awesome for me as I have a lot of commuting time to kill. So basically I've been ODing myself on their work for about 5 days now. I'm about two thirds through and haven't quite caught up but have definitely listened to enough episodes to know the general concept. This concept is as follows: 

It's an advice podcast. Only neither person giving advice is actually qualified and work as comedians for a living. As you can imagine, this is obviously a perfect set up for hilarity to ensue. Basically, they have listeners email in with their problems, they pick five to answer and then just rip into these people for 10 minutes, ending with about a minute of some form of actual advice. It is really very awesome and leaves you with this self deprecating urge to write in yourself with a question, just to hear them make fun of you. I don't know why, but with every episode, I'm more and more tempted to email so that I can be ripped into... that's probably not right... Ah well. 

Of all the podcasts that I listen to, and I listen to a lot, I have to say that this one is in my top two. They also have this crazy loyal fan base who send in theme songs for Jake and Amir. They receive so many of these that they are able to air two new songs every episode, and they do a new episode up to twice a week. 

They are both Jewish comedians who self confess to being from the opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to dating, which is about 98% of all their email questions. Jake, being ginger, naturally has all the play with the ladies, which I fully understand. Reading back on that, for those who don't know me at all might think that this was me being sarcastic. I'm really not. The best looking men out there are ginger as Jake clearly proves by all the sexing he's doing... that's how people refer to that, right? Amir, on the other hand, tends to overthink things and doesn't really do the whole multiple dating thing... which means that they work really well as a duo. 

Before you all think that I've become this really insightful person who's just going ahead and assessing two blokes I don't know from across the pond, based solely on them talking at me on a podcast, you couldn't be more wrong. I pretty much just quoted them in the above paragraph. They said it, I copied what they said and then made myself look clever/slightly obsessed with them by making it sound like I had come to these conclusions myself... until this paragraph where I confirmed my ability not so much to come up with my own thoughts and opinions, but to copy others like the sheep that I am. 

They occasionally have guests on the show with them, mostly people they know from their job at College Humor. For those of you out there who are fans of the show Girls, this has included Allison Williams, who plays Marnie, twice appearing on a podcast. 

They have opened my eyes to a few things. Mostly Tinder, which I have been using for a couple of months now in the "hoping to strike a date" sense, and have now been informed that apparently it is more of a "let's hook up" app... probably explains why not much has happened so far for me on it.  Also, I have this overwhelming urge to "Seize Cheese" all the time and do impressions of a pissed off goose... all of these references will make sense should you check them out, but in the meantime just trust me when I say that it is all #Dope.

So, if you want something to listen to whilst you sit around doing nothing, then look no further! This is the podcast for you. WARNING: Spontaneous outbursts of laughter will occur and, once again, cause people around you to wonder about your sanity should you find yourself sitting alone on public transport. I can totally understand how that would be embarrassing, as it used to embarrass me, however this has happened to me so often now, I've just learnt to embrace it and, when people look at me oddly for seemingly laughing at nothing, I just throw them a thumbs up and a wink. At least it stops any strangers from giving you unwanted pervy attention, you're welcome world. 

I'm off to spend the night in Hag Heaven as I hit Soho with a friend I haven't seen in over 10 years. Words cannot express how excited I am about tonight. Have a fab weekend everyone. 

Peace out my lovelies. 

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