Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Eye seem to have done something Eye am unsure about...

When I typed the above title, I won't lie, I sat there for a good 20 seconds afterwards, looking at it and nodding smugly whilst I mentally congratulated myself.


As is standard for my life, it would appear that all the exciting things that happen to me, happen when I'm sleeping. Sometimes, these things suck... such as 12 years of nightmares, sometimes they rock... such as coming up with an idea for a book that has now led me to be a published author, and then there are times that they are just annoyingly mysterious... such as last night.

So, it would appear that I have managed to hurt myself whilst sleeping. Clearly my subconscious is annoyed at me for something, I don't know what though. At least I think this is something that I've done to myself, either that or I've become infectious to the world, which gives me far more power than I am comfortable with...

Okay, so I woke up this morning with a small but nasty pain in the corner of my left eye. Basically, it hurts whenever I blink. Can I just take a moment to say that you really don't realise how much you blink until you receive a jolt of pain every time you do... tis highly annoying.

Initially, I thought I had managed to punch myself in the eye whilst sleeping. Surprisingly, I wasn't all that annoyed by this. If anything, I was a little excited. I found myself looking forward to when the bruise would form and I could walk around looking like a kick arse woman, using the awesome come back line, whenever anyone asked me what happened, of "You should see the other person." Then I would throw them the wink at the gun and strut away as if I owned the place. I don't often get the chance to look like a hard-nut, so when it accidentally falls into my lap like this, you can be damn sure that I will milk it for all it's worth.

However, as the morning progressed, and I was on my way to work, I noticed that the pain felt more internal and under the skin, rather than something bruise worthy. That was when I made the connection between the pain coming from the inside of my eye and my rather long nails. I realised then that I've probably not just hurt myself whilst sleeping, but I've been meticulous with it and really dug my finger nails into the lid to do maximum damage. To scratch the inside of the corner of your eye is something that can be easily accidentally done whilst awake, but to do this when your eyes are shut takes real planning and determination. Especially as this scratching didn't then cause me to wake up.

I've now been dealing with this pain for the entire morning and I'm beginning to think that this isn't something I've done to myself, but rather something I might be infected with. This is mainly to do with the increase in pain as the day has continued, coupled with the fact that people have been commenting on how red it is all morning...

I do have to take a moment to say that this is the most baffling thing about the whole ordeal. Every time I look in the mirror, I cannot see any signs of redness or inflammation. My eye looks pretty much normal. However, there appears to be something others are seeing that I can't, maybe that's a symptom of the infection, the inability to see certain shades of red. I say certain shades as, in a moment of panic, I just googled the colour red to see if I could see it, and I can confirm that I am still capable of seeing it. Breathe everyone, it's only part horrific.

In a way of confirming that I'm not going crazy on my checks of my eye, I thought I'd upload a picture of how it looks for your professional opinions, as we all know if the Internet believes it to be true, then it is.

Can you see it? Am I infected??? I appreciate that there is red in the corner of the eye, but I was under the impression that that is the normal colour to expect in this particular region of the face. WHAT IS THE WORLD SEEING THAT I CAN'T????

Personally, I'm still hoping for the bruise to appear, even though it's beginning to feel more conjunctivitisy than anything else. I know it's probably more likely that I'm going to end up looking more pathetic than hardcore, but until that happens, I'm holding out hope for the unlikely. It's how I operate. You should all know this about me by now.

Peace out my lovelies.

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