Tuesday, 18 March 2014

My review of Frozen... as a woman who hasn't actually seen it but spends an unhealthy amount of time on the internet.

Guys I have to say it, I am feeling well and truly peer pressured and I'm not too sure how I feel about it. Over the past couple of months, the internet has become this place that seems to only accept people who have seen the movie Frozen. It.Is.Everywhere. I'm seeing it on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Youtube, Google Searches... I can't get away from it! I've been waiting for it to eventually die down, but it just seems to be getting worse and, being a woman who hasn't seen this movie, I'm beginning to feel like some kind of sad loser outsider who just doesn't get any of the jokes the cool kids are making...

I have been picking up a few things along the way about the movie, and this is what I've concluded it is about:

1. There are apparently some Gay-friendly undertones throughout the movie that has the internet either loving it or getting morally outraged by it. 

So apparently it's all accepting of love regardless of gender. Not through clear gay relationships, but through something more subliminal?? I did ask Younger-Brother-Daniel about this, as he has seen it, and he said that he didn't notice any of these secret friendly messages, but apparently they are there. There are articles and debates in every social networking place I go to on the Internet.

I'm beginning to think that this is nothing more than it not being against gay relationships. This is good, of course, and quite clearly a direction Disney is currently keen to go down, but I am a little lost as to the extent in which this is being shown. I'd like to be clear that I haven't read any of these articles as I plan on watching the movie at some point and so didn't want to uncover any spoilers on it. As such, when I've seen these articles circling my news feed, I've resorted to reading the title and then the first paragraph before covering my ears and hitting the back button the moment they begin to reveal something about the plot of the movie... It's starting to become more and more clear to me why there is a real necessity to actually watching a movie in order to do a worthwhile review, but anywho, I shall continue.

2. Somewhere in the movie, it suddenly becomes very important for people to 'Let it go.'

This song is everywhere. I cannot seem to get away from it. If it isn't the original, then it's renditions of it, or parodies. And then everyone's commenting on these videos with likes and fond memories of when they first saw it in the movie, as well as opinions on whether this rendition is better or worse than the original. Also there are links to other renditions and parodies because clearly the world cannot get enough of this song and how life-changing it is. Ironic, given the title. I would assume at some point people would take it literally and apply it to their own obsessions with the song. But no. It just gets bigger and bigger and I feel sadder and sadder for being all alone in my plight of being the only person in the universe to have not seen the movie.

I do have one love for this song. It has less to do with the song, more to do with how the singer Idina Menzel was announced and yet another reason to love John Travolta.


3. Apparently it's a lot more supportive of women being awesome and not following men around.

Apparently there's some form of resistance to the man and lack of wanting to get married in the movie which makes young girls not think that marriage is the be all and end all of life. This makes me happy and give them a thumbs up. I have applauded the links to these articles, although again not looked into it in any detail for fear of spoilers.

So that's it. All every Internetual person seems to know about the movie, regardless of  whether they've seen it or not. There are countless other links to jokes about lines in the movies, these are the links that make me feel all alone and sad for not seeing it. I do like to laugh, but apparently I'm not allowed to because I haven't succumbed to worldly peer pressure and watched the movie.

Now, I know what you are all thinking. Why don't I just give in and watch the movie? Yes, that would be the sensible option, and it certainly was a viable one about a week ago. However, such is the level of my stubbornness, I now feel that to watch the movie would be a way of just following the crowd, and so I am beginning to get adamant  that I won't see it. I don't mind if I actually wanted to see it, but at the moment, it would only be because I hate feeling all left out of the in joke.

... Thing is, I think I do want to see it. Everyone I've spoken to is pretty much in love with it, but unfortunately for them, there is one exception to this rule and it happened to be the first review I heard. Younger-Brother-Daniel went to the see the movie and felt that it was trying too hard to be like Tangled, which he happened to adore, so wasn't a fan overall. This has been the reason I haven't watched it so far. It's not like I do everything that my brother tells me, but no matter how many people tell me it is magical and fun and the best thing that Disney has done in a while, his comment will always be the first one I heard about it, and so my opinion has been forever marred and thwarted by this.

I'm pretty certain that, if I were to watch it, I would love it. I'm a Disney freak. I grew up on that shizzle, as I'm sure most people did, and I cannot get enough of music based cartoons. But there is something there now that tells me not to... be it the voice of my brother, or my own stubbornness not to be a sheep, I don't know.

Chances are I'm massively overthinking it and will inevitably get drunk one night and think 'what the hell?' Then come back on this blog to talk about how much I adored the woman power and underlying acceptance of all types of gender attraction, then spend a couple of paragraphs complaining about how I completely gave into peer pressure and how this is the beginning of a long sliding slope of other peer pressure based vices to win over in my life. Cut forward to this time next year when I'm lying in a gutter somewhere, high on crack, with nowhere to live. At this point, in a moment of bitter clarity, I turn my face to skies, open my arms out wide and scream "Why did you do this to me, Disney?? WHY???????????????????"

 And that's why I won't watch Frozen. You can't make me.

Peace out my lovelies.

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