Tuesday, 4 March 2014

The only marathons I partake in, a plea to anyone medically trained and my love for Lupita Nyong'o reinforced

So yesterday I mentioned that Lucy's Football has managed to get me into Veronica Mars. This is all based on the fact that we seem to share the exact same love for every other programme we've mentioned. I'm still making my way through the programme. I finished Season 2 last night and am looking forward to getting into Season 3.

Having said all this, I now have beef with the whole marathon I am doing. Not with the programme. I love it and am thoroughly excited that I have not been able to work out the Whodunnit section of the series until it is revealed in the season finale. It makes for very fun watching.

My beef however is over the fact that I am ill. Yes, I know, it's happened again... Believe me, it annoys me as much as I'm sure it does you for hearing about it all the time. Due to this rubbish cold type thing that I have, I really should be getting the 'early night/long sleep' thing. However, due to the addictive nature that is the Veronica Mars marathon, I have made myself subject to the "Just one more" temptation when it hits 2am and an episode ends. I am getting no sleep whatsoever at the moment, and the good idea I think it is at the time, is well and truly debunked the moment I wake up, after only a couple of hours of sleep and I can barely breathe due to rubbishness clogging up my nose.

And while I'm on that, where the hell does all this mucus come from? I mean seriously? I live most of my life with none whatsoever and then suddenly whoops! There it is. It's in my throat, chest and nose and no amount of Vicks Vapour rub, nasal spray or tissues seems to dissipate it. What is that about? What part of my body is mass producing this stuff and how to I surgically remove it from my person? Any answers to this would be awesome. I'm sure I could live without whatever it is that is creating the disgusting substance within me. I mean, I'm 98% sure it's neither my brain or my heart, and everything else in the body, people can survive without. Fact. Woman of science right here. I know my shizzle.

(DISCLAIMER: That was sarcasm I was using there, sarcasm... please do not attempt to remove any vital organs or limbs... or anything really. No self operations should be done here. If you think you need one, go and see a doctor. There are people out there who apparently train for years on this shizzle and might have a better idea on how to do it safely, rather than just taking a butter knife from yesterday's dinner plate and having at it... plus, you do it on your own and there is going to be some point where you will pass out from the pain or lack of blood, and then who's going to stitch you up? WHO??? The last thing you need is to bleed out in your kitchen and then have your housemates resent you because they had to spend ages cleaning blood from every nook and cranny in the place. And if you live alone, it may be a while before anyone finds you and then you're just asking the next people who live there to try and remove the stench that you had created... plus, you know, you'd be dead. And that generally isn't a good thing. Life = Good. Death = Bad. Got it? ... oh, and don't think that you can get around it by asking a friend to be there to stitch you up, because you don't know that they will for definite. And if they do do it (pause for immature laugh at phrase 'do do'), you don't know that it won't be completely messed up and done with wool or twine or something... You know what? I think there's a reason people study to become surgeons and hospitals exist... it just makes more sense to do it there... not that they would endorse random removal of organs and limbs without some valid reason, which would therefore lead to them refusing to do it for you, but at least you can have the conversation and feel like you tried. And then you're free to be alive for that little bit longer and do stuff like cartwheels, chasing puppies and developing your secret super hero identity should the need arise and your power of coin collecting becomes integral to the safety of mankind).

I'm pretty sure that covered all my bases....

Oh! Yesterday, I was so enamoured by Benedict Cumberbatch and his immense photobombing that I completely forgot to jump up and down and sing and dance that Lupita Nyong'o got her oscar!!! Yeay academy awards! Thank you so much for having more sense than the BAFTAs. If there was ever a woman who deserved it... amazing. Although, I don't think that I can look at Leonardo DiCaprio's face again after once more losing out on his oscar. Someone needs to sort that shizzle out, that man is one of the best actors out there, and to keep him away from one of those awards is just plain cruel now. Give him a little something, I'm begging you!

And Ellen Degeneres was awesome. She's fast becoming one of my favourite people. I didn't watch the show, I have to admit. The time difference means that it's on in the early hours of the morning over here, plus... you know... Veronica Mars, but I have almost broken youtube watching all the highlights I could. Lots of fun from the sounds of it.

So to sum up... I'm ill, which means I won't be salsa classing it tonight (we're going on Friday instead), I'm looking for an answer on how to get rid of the mucus developer within my person, I am developing a very large love/hate relationship with Veronica Mars and what it's doing to my health, and Lupita Nyong'o rocks.

That's pretty much everything floating through my brain at the moment. It's a fairly quiet day.

Peace out my lovelies

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