Friday, 7 October 2011

Sssh!! Don't move! You'll spook her.

Claire-The-Bully is being uncharacteristically nice to me at the moment. I don't want to complain about it because it's not necessarily a bad thing, but still... It unnerves me. I can't help but feel incredibly suspicious. 

It's not even a case of easing up on the insults when we're together, that in itself is weird when she does it. Or even complimenting me on a night out, which does usually leave me with icy chills, thinking about what the connotations could be of such an act. No, today she has gone out of her way to be nice to me... twice!!

My impulse reaction to this has been "what does she want?" or "how badly has she hit her head?" I've even considered that she's currently going through her own form of Groundhog day and I have been betting against myself on how many times she's experienced this day this time round. At the moment I'm leaning toward somewhere between her 50th and 60th turn. 

Regardless of the reason, she has been highly attentive and supportive of this blog today. She has advertised it on her facebook and her twitter (her twitter account does only have five followers but still, it's the thought that counts). There has even been one point where her friend commented and said he found the stuff a bit 'out there' (which is totally valid as he was talking about my no neck/no sense of humour post earlier in the week which even I considered as a little bizarre) and Claire-The-Bully totally stood up for me! Not even I would have done that for that post!

I am highly grateful for the complimenting and over all 'Lisa love' I have been experiencing from her corner but at the same time I've been kind of frozen in reaction to it. To me, her kindness is like catching sight of an animal in the wild, I'm afraid if I make any sudden movements or sounds I'll spook it away... But then if I don't respond I fear I may bore it and it will go away anyway... Tis a tricky one. 

So I have decided that instead I will just talk about it candidly on here, fully aware that she'll probably respond with some kind of snide or witty remark as she returns to her normal self. Meanwhile I will secretly hold on to the small proof I have that somewhere, deep deep inside that tough and sarcastic exterior there is a woman who puts up with me - nay - even likes me. 

By the way, I haven't spoken about the Bullies in a while so if that whole post baffled you and you would like to know what makes Claire such a bully click here.

Peace out my lovelies and have an awesome weekend. 

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