Monday, 3 October 2011

I've got nothing.

I've got nothing to post about today. Nada. There is exactly zero amount of things going on in my thoughts. 

Except that some stuff must be going on because I haven't been a vegetable all day. I'm not even convinced that some of the things weren't actually funny and blogworthy. All I know is in this particular moment I have no thoughts. 

I briefly considered talking about my day in twitter because that has definitely been the funniest bit of my day. Internet people who you have never met are really funny people... Sometimes... Sometimes they're rapists. I might make a t shirt that says that...

I have decided not to put the tweets onto my blog because I fear out of context they won't be funny. You know... If you are boring... And had your sense of humour removed surgically.


... Can that happen? If so, what part of the body would they take out? What if it's a part of the body you need like your neck? Well I guess you don't need your neck, you can just look ridiculous with your head stuck facing forward and welded onto to your shoulders like a Sontaran.

I mean, if you didn't have a neck you wouldn't be able to look around without moving your whole body. I guess that means that you can kiss goodbye any chance of being able to check someone out on the sly. 

There is also the issue of the voice box. Does this mean you can no longer talk without your neck? I guess you wouldn't be able to laugh at anyone's jokes if you didn't have a voicebox either... No that's ridiculous Lisa... People can laugh without making a sound... Just not very loudly. 

Anyway I'm sure it's not imperative to have a neck in order to have a voicebox. The surgeon could just weld it onto the shoulder blade or something. 

And if the source of our humour is in our necks and for some reason you've decided to cut it out then at least we can all know which stranger to go up to in the street when we have a kick-ass new joke to tell... the ones with necks

Okay, now I'm kinda hoping that our sense of humour is in the neck. It would explain why I find giraffes so funny. 

Wait... Did I just write a post?


Peace out my lovelies. 

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