Thursday, 27 October 2011

Actually darling, it's magenta. 

There are definitely the extremes in people at my work. Just last week I talked about how ghetto my work side of London was but there are the extreme exceptions to this. A small group of people who walk the halls of my hospital definitely do not classify as "ghetto." 

These people are known as the medical students. 

Sitting at the bus stop I was privy to this beaut of a conversation today between a male and female medical student. 

Female: Oh wow, I love your purple scarf. 
Male: It's actually magenta. I got it at this quaint little shop. I liked it, it was so retro and I thought to myself, no one wears these kinds of scarves anymore so why not bring it back into fashion?
Female Oh I love it, it really suits you. Listen I've been meaning to introduce you to my friend. Toby, come over here, let me introduce you to [alas I didn't catch the name].
Toby: Hi, nice to meet you. Whereabouts are you in your studies? 
Male: Well I have a PHD in (grimaces) Nuclear Chemistry. But I'm working my way onto a more medicinal route. 
Toby: Oh I see, how interesting. 
Female: Toby, have you seen his scarf? Isn't it lovely?
Toby: I was just thinking how nice that scarf was. 
Male: Thanks, I was just saying I got it in this quaint little shop. I just love the colour magenta and no one wears that anymore, you  know?

And this was where I had to leave them and get on the bus. Ah, I do love it when I meet people that make me seem common in comparison. There's hope for me in the ghetto world yet!

Peace out my lovelies. 

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