Thursday, 6 October 2011

To review or not to review, that is... Well not the question, but it has some of the same words in it.

I'm off to the cinema for the second time this week. For those of you avid readers, you may have noticed I have a film review blog attached to this one that states the last time I saw a film was two months ago. This blog lies. 

You see I actually restarted this whole blogging experience this year by starting up my film blog again. This was going to be my only source of blogging. I had no plans to talk about crap and share my psychoses with the whole world, I was just simply going to be a kickass reviewer. 

But then one day I met Younger-Brother-Daniel in London and he spent the whole day trying to see how gullible I could be. From this I had an urge to tell the world about my own confusions, I needed to vent to the world just how possible it was that squirrels only existed in England. 

So in my lunch break one day, I clicked on another blog I hadn't used since I was a teenager. A blog that I had shamefully failed to regularly update back in the days Older-Brother-Glyn and his friends found it to be the new craze. A blog called "Random thoughts of a plum." But no matter how I tried to get my friends to use it, they were all far more interested in their myspace accounts and this brand new site that was starting to become popular called "Facebook." I had failed to update it then and I had let it fade away into nothing, a redundant site that did nothing but clog up google searches when people looked for tattoos of zombies on face or bad Pizza Hut service.

Then March of this year I placed my squirrel ponderments (new word that I just made up, you're welcome) on this blog and something came over me, something strange, something obsessive. Suddenly my life was sectioned into randomthoughts posts and my head was spinning with ways to eloquently put together the musings of my day. 

For a while I tried to keep both blogs updated. If I'm honest I'm pretty impressed with how long I lasted but lately???? Well lately I have found there is not enough time in my life to do all the writing I want to do. 

Don't get me wrong! If I had the choice I would totally live at home and get paid to write blogs and novels all day, but alas my time for this has not arrived yet so I have to make do. 

As such, I have become highly lazy in the film review side. This is something that Film-Buddy-Kezia will not thank me for as she has already threatened to hurt me for every review I fail to write (I'm up to about 25 lashes). I feel tempted to just take down the site altogether but then I worry that with it I destroy a part of me... Yes I know how melodramatic that sounds but I'm okay with it. 

Mainly I'm worried that if I take down the site then I will be essentially destroying the Internet life of Film-Buddy-Kezia. Yes I know she'll still live on regardless of whether or not I talk about her on there. But the internet version? What will become of her? If I stop, how will the world know exactly what films she's seen and when she's seen them? How will they be aware of her witty banter or completely bad opinions of films? If I stop, I worry she'll simply fade away. 

Of course then I realise that due to not updating the blog in a long time, whatever small amount of viewers it did have, have now trailed off to look at more committed sites and actually, should I take it down, the only person who would notice would be me... And possibly Kezia. 

And now I've realised I've written an extremely long post on something that I know in the long run I'll be too chicken to do and so it will continue to sit there, festering away whilst possibly offering the odd review to anyone who hasn't seen Tangled yet. 

Hmmmm. I'm beginning to realise that my blogs might actually just be another excuse for me to procrastinate. 

Peace out my lovelies. 

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