Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Friends who enable are friends for life. 

I have awesome friends. It's my birthday next month and One-And-Only-Daniela and Oldest-Friend-Cafrin have both revealed to me their birthday presents for me. Both of them have completely embraced my highly geeky side and for that I love them. 

Oldest-Friend-Cafrin text me a couple of weeks ago and told me to book two days off work the week after my birthday. Curious, I asked why and she informed me that she was taking me out to the cinema for my birthday. 

Intrigued I inquired as to why a cinema trip would require me to book not just one but two days off work and that was when she told me... I appreciate what I'm about to tell you may cause my street cred and general coolness fall from the single digit it was in down into the minus figures but I don't care. It is my guilty pleasure and I love it. 

Oldest-Friend-Cafrin has booked us in not only to see the latest Twilight movie "Breaking Dawn" but also, on the night leading up to it's release, a marathon of all the Twilight movies, scheduled in so that at 12:05am Breaking Dawn will be shown. 

Guys, I am not a massive fan of Robert Pattinson, Kirsten Stewart tends to bug the hell out of me, and after the crappiness that was the film "Abduction" I have resigned myself to the fact that Taylor Lautner can't act, but when you throw all of this together? I have been known to geek out in a spectacular way that neither can be explained nor denied. I simply love watching those movies. 

All of this is nothing however compared to the feeling I get when I get to watch one of those movies for the first time. Ah man, the excitement that bubbles up inside of me is immense. So the idea of a marathon followed by a brand new showing of a brand new film is so amazing that I probably will snog Oldest-Friend-Cafrin the moment that I see her (secretly I know that's why she picked this present, she was hoping for that reaction).

Today One-And-Only-Daniela revealed to me her birthday present. Again I felt warm in the knowledge that my friends not only get my geekdom but embrace it and enable it. This was the text conversation we had today. 

One-And-Only-Daniela is shortened to OAOD. 

OAOD: How much of a harry potter fan are u?

Me: Is that a trick question? I love the stuff. Why? 

OAOD: Lol, as a bday present would you like to go on the harry potter tour that opens in march?

Me: Really? That would be awesome! What does it involve?/where is it? Thanks Daniela!!

OAOD: Its in Hogwarts, not sure where that is lol

Me: Oh.My.Days!!!! Are we going to platform 9 3/4???

OAOD: Its at the Warner Bros Studio in Hertfordshire. Did u get my email?

(I look at her email and click on the link to the tour website)

Me: Wow!! Dude I wanna go there now!!!!!!! I am so gonna make my own wand. 

OAOD: Lol out of what?

Me: I will find myself the feather of a Phoenix tail and bark from a really old tree. Yes I am that awesome. 

OAOD: Lol joka

Me: Don't worry. I'll make you one too.

And that, people, is why I love my friends. 

Peace out my lovelies.

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