Monday, 10 October 2011

Flat viewing and a welcome long lost greeting to a way of life I had really started to miss.

Big big weekend this weekend. Looked at six houses with new flatmate Anna (nickname to be confirmed. Still haven't decided yet). 

Also to come with us was Anna's boyfriend Karl. He has proven himself very useful to have around. I am very grateful to Anna who had the sense six months ago to start dating that one. Because she was so forward thinking we had a lift to each and every one of the flats and we didn't have to walk to one once. Karl and his car were very appreciated. 

We liked two out of the six we were looking at. This fact was pretty redundant as each and every one of the estate agents who showed us around said that we were a little early in our looking for flats. I don't know what they're talking about. I find almost two months early perfectly fine. 

One down point to the day however was that neither of us got to play 'Daddy's little rich girl' which is soooo my favourite game to play when flat hunting. 

The game is us finding a flat that is so unbelievably out of our price range (or anyone without their own yacht's price range if I'm more accurate) and ask for a showing in amongst our more serious views. 

This game is then heightened by putting on our most poshest of voices and view the flat whilst having conversations like:

Me: What do you think Annabel? Do you find the rooms spacious enough?
Anna: Well the second master bedroom seemed a little pokey for my liking but I know daddy would absolutely love the balcony. 
Me: Oh darling, I know what you mean! And have you seen the dining room? Think of the dinner parties!
Anna: I have already considered that! It would be smashing wouldn't it? The one thing I worry about is the rent. 
Me: Yes my dear, I know what you mean, it is a little out of our price range isn't it?
Anna: I worry daddy won't approve. 
Me: Mine too... Well we will just have to tell them straight. This is the most expensive that they do on a renting basis. And after all we really could benefit from slumming it for a while, think of what we could learn?
Anna: You are right Lisa, it would really give us a chance to get in touch with the less fortunate people of our age. 

And so on and so forth. It is awesome game. However the flat I did try to get a viewing for on the day had an unavailable land lord so we will have to wait to play that game another time. Damn. 

In other news: almost in response to my last post where I shared my surprise on the kindness offered to me from Claire-The-Bully, she invited me to the bullies lair with Rachael-The-Bully and offered to pay for curry! 

I accepted though part of me worried that there was a hidden agenda where they were going to fatten me and then roast me alive or something. However when I got there I felt a lot more at home with the whole situation. 

To fully explain this next conversation I should probably explain that there was a very large chance I took double the amount of happy pills I should have taken on Sat because I  couldn't remember if I had already taken one for the day and I'm on such a high dose that if I miss one I feel pretty crappy about it, so I though "better safe than sorry."

However when I reached the Bullies lair it became a little apparent that I may have OD'ed as I was more than a little talkative, leading to the following conversation. 

Claire-The-Bully and Rachael-The-Bully have been shortened to CTB and RTB. 

(Whilst watching X Factor)

Me: I really like her, I think she'll go far. 
CTB: So you said about a minute ago. 
Me: (Sniffs and grumbles incoherently to CTB) Well I think she's awesome. 


Me: (Starts singing the song that had just been sung) 
CTB: What is wrong with you tonight Lisa? You have not shut up since you got here. I'd understand if you had been home all day but you've been out in company! Aren't you tired yet?
Me: ... There's a small chance I may have OD'ed on happy pills today. 
RTB: I'm going to say that that is a really big chance. 
Me: Damn... Sorry, this might not be pleasant for either of you then. 
CTB: You think?

Pause as Gary Barlow comes on the screen

Me: You know what Take That song I really like of his and have been listening to again and again recently? (When I hear no response I take that to mean "Go on Lisa, we'd really like to know" and so continue) Rule the world. 

Pause. No reaction is given from either Bullies. 

Me: I think I'm going to have that as my first dance at my wedding. 
RTB: Really? You sure you don't want "Rabbit Rabbit" from Chaz and Dave?

CTB falls into fits of laughter behind me and I nod my head, oddly at peace with the conversation. 

Me: And suddenly it feels right again. You buy me food on the condition that I eat it whilst listening to you insult me. This feels a lot more balanced now, I no longer feel uncomfortable about the change in situation or worry about having to respond to a compliment from you. Thanks. 
CTB: Don't mention it mate. 
RTB: Glad to help. 

And I am genuinely glad it's gone back to normal. I was slightly freaked out for a while that they had changed completely. But gladly they haven't and I can go back to the snide comments and gorgeous insults that make our friendship work so well. 

Peace out my lovelies. 

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