Tuesday, 4 October 2011

You know it's a good day when only half the usual amount of hair falls out.

Line-Manager-Monica is back from holiday today. I could not be happier. 

This past week has been 7 days of running around juggling 16 balls, 24 knives, 12 jagged rocks, and 6 fireballs. No I don't work in a circus. And yes, with that talent I really should. 

But today I had her back! Huzzah! This did mean that I didn't have so much to do in my covering work but most importantly when Line-Manager-Monica comes back, with her comes my back bone. 

You see I have this really nasty habit of saying yes to everything asked of me. If someone comes to my office and says "hey Lisa could you just pop this over for me?" or "Lisa could you do me a favour and drop everything you're doing to do this thing as favour for me? it'll probably take all day but I'll be so grateful," if they do this, I physically cannot think of a single reason why I would say no to them. Not one. Even if just ten minutes earlier I had been crying into my coffee over the sheer amount of work I have to do and the severe lack of hours in which to do it. The moment that person asks me, I end up thinking "ah well their need is obviously bigger than mine."

Guys, this is not a good quality to have. Yes, it makes everyone like you, and yes that feeling is always nice, but when you find that you've fallen asleep in the front hall of your flat for the fourth time that week because you simply didn't have the energy to make it up the stairs???? Yeah it suddenly isn't worth it anymore, also you gain crippling neck cramp from the awkward way you fall to the floor/stairs. 

But today Line-Manager-Monica was back and today she said no to people when I physically couldn't. And somehow today I got out the office by quarter past five!! That almost never happens!

Man, I can't wait to make it to my bed tonight. I wonder if it's like I remembered it. I might even sing some kind of march as I walk the journey. If only I had a flag I could wave...

I'm also considering purchasing a recording of her voice saying "no" so that I can use her to fight my battles outside of work as well. I could carry it in my pocket and blame the recording every time someone complained I wasn't being accommodating enough. 

If that isn't the most awesome plan I've ever come up with then I don't know what is. 

Peace out my lovelies. 

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