Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Things are moving forward and I'm worried I'm too lazy to keep up.

My letting agent rang me up yesterday asking me if they could come round with possible renters to view my flat. This, I felt was a little rushed as I still have until the end of November before I need to move out and it will take at least six weeks to make my clutter look ... Well... Non-cluttery. 

It also freaks me out that people are already interested in my flat and I haven't even looked at one to move into! Damn it, it feels like I only just moved in!

I am really looking forward to the 'moving in with Anna' part. By living with me I guess she will become a regular feature on this thing.. Wow, I haven't even given her a nickname on my blog yet, I shall have to rectify that rather promptly!

Anna is introducing a piano into the mix. Dude, it is going to be one long episode of Glee! Our neighbours are going to love us!

This is all very exciting and personally I cannot wait for this next year but it's the bit in between that is going to suck. The bit where I have to find a flat, pack stuff, move stuff, end old bills, start new ones, realise that I forgot to end one of the bills and continue to pay for two flats instead of one, have to start up my old business and hang around the red light district again for 'one last sale' until I manage to afford to live again. It's all very fiddly and almost hardly ever enjoyable. 

But come January, once I'm settled and I've had the all clear from my check up at the local clinic then life shall be fun again... With the added bonus of actually having money!


I feel I should justify myself to my parents who have recently got into reading this thing... When I say 'red light district' I mean selling leaflets outside KFC, and when I say 'all clear from the clinic' I mean the Overdraft clinic at my bank where they shake my hand, pat me on the head and tell me I'm an awesome person for having credit in my account. 


Peace out my lovelies. 

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