Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Why I do what I do.

Today I have got to have a geek day. What I'm about to tell you does help explain why my flat stays in the "skank mess" that it is, not that I feel I have to explain my dirty habits or anything. 

You see today at work I was given a new job. I am now in charge of referrals for one of the wards. As such I got to sit down with the person who used to be in charge of it and learn the new process. 

Once I had done that I got to write out a list of my tasks, summarise the plan back to the person teaching me and then write bullet points, breaking down each task in the list so that I had process fully mapped out. 

After this I got to format my spreadsheet. My days, do I love to format my own spreadsheets. 

I broke down each sector into name, ward and place. Allowed space for date and times of assessments to be clearly marked out, and factored in checklists to ensure all paperwork had been gathered and properly filed away. 

In case this was a little tough to read I then formatted the table so that certain boxes shone different colours depending on the answer that was entered. I then sat back in my chair and marvelled at the beauty of my new absolutely gorgeous baby. 

And it's not even finished yet! Tomorrow I get to correspond the table with the electronic documents so that they are one click away from accessing, start entering data whilst creating folders to add an extra sense of organisation and send out an email showing off my new baby for all to marvel and adore! 

I am not kidding, the whole experience has been the best thing to happen to me this month. Not to mention that I have not been this physically attracted to something I've created on excel in a while. Who needs healthy relationships with loving partners when you have data, a computer and the ability to conditionally format?


Now that you see how much love and effort I put into my work can you blame me for not having any energy left to spare when I get home?

I know I'm going to have awesome dreams about this day tonight. 

Peace out my lovelies. 

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