Friday, 6 May 2011

I have no title for this post, so I thought I'd just tell you my ipod shuffle is playing a series of really bad songs, I hate it when it does that.

Do you ever get reflective? I do. All the time.

Well not all the time. If I reflected all the time then I would only ever reflect on how I once reflected, which would have been a reflection of a previous reflection and so on and so forth.


I've now got to a point where I've used variations of the word 'reflect' so much that I'm beginning to doubt whether that's even the right word.

I know it means the image of something replicated through a mirror and what not, but does it also work here? I was certain it did when I started this but now I'm completely racked in self doubt. What if I'm wrong? What if I've used that word in an important situation in front of important people and it didn't mean what I thought it meant and secretly people were laughing at me?

I should probably go back and use a safer word, just in case... ah sod it, I can't be bothered. If reflect is wrong then I don't want to be right. I refuse to have my character defined by the English language. I'm a butterfly who chooses to fly outside of the box.

*Re-reads what is written so far*

Wow, that has to be one of my biggest digresses so far. I shall give myself a gold star... or as I don't own gold stars, I shall pour myself a celebratory glass of wine.

Well done.

Thank you.


There was a point to this blog at one point... reflection! I'm back.

I did that in depth thing on Facebook yesterday where I clicked on several people's profiles, then their photos of me, and then on the original album they were from (usually uploaded around 2008).

Next thing I know, I can hear birds chirping outside, welcoming the new day, and I'm pretty sure I've kissed goodbye my early night.

Looking at these old photos, a few main thoughts came to mind.

1. I have eaten far too much in 3 years to warrant this amount of weight gain.

2. I really hate that there are so many amazing people from my past that I just don't see or speak to anymore.

3. I had almost forgotten the glory days of a spotless face... stupid adult acne (the afore mentioned hopeful drug solution is not helping at all).

4. My hair, when it was dark, was pretty cool and so much cheaper to manage. Should I go back to Chocolate Brown?

Check out these two pictures and let me know what you think.

(Remember, we're talking hair only, the body shape and complexion are obvious ones that I'll deal with one day... I think.)

Let me know.

Peace out my lovelies.


  1. Yes - I much preferred you dark haired. I also have gone darker now due to being fed up with dark roots amongst the peroxide...I was starting to look like a frickin badger!! x

  2. Wait.. you have dark hair now?? Can't wait to see that!! How dark?