Monday, 30 May 2011

So I have a new face... and the procedure didn't even hurt at all.

Hey everyone, my site has had major plastic surgery and now it stands here all shiny and new for all to see!! You know what, I don't really understand all this hype about plastic surgery being wrong. Screw the inner beauty rubbish, my site looks a lot hotter than what it was born with and so I am happier because of it!!

It's pretty ain't it? It's like all pink with my title in cool scrap paper font with pictures and a design that is completely unique to me.

I've given Younger-Brother-Daniel a lot of stick throughout the course of our lives growing up together but right now, in this moment, I can honestly say, having a brother who is also awesome at drawing has really paid off. Daniel... you are a handy person to have around. (Also nice and a wicked brother and a good guy etc blah blah etc.)

Now that I have a new face I feel like my blogs should take on a new air of professionalism. Like my writing should become award winning with every post and the content within it should be so gripping that each word changes a million lives just through the mere act of reading it.

I can feel my inner writer growing and maturing and blossoming into a full blown genius. I just know it... today marks the change in my blog. Today my world becomes awesome. Oooh, and tomorrow I have a particularly titillating story about how I discovered that if I don't physically wash my kitchen floor once in a while, my feet will actually start to stick to it as I walk. Keep tuned in... it's gonna be a corker!!

It's my friends I feel sorry for now though alas. You see for the past week I have been carrying my bound version of my book everywhere I go and showing it to every friend I have with the same excitement as a five year girl showing off her new doll. Now however, they will have to deal with me not only thrusting my book in their face but also my iphone as I hastily show my new blog design. Rachael-The-Bully had to cope with it last night... as did the new friends we made a couple of weeks ago... and the random woman I met five minutes prior... actually it's not just friends who should be worried, more like everyone who comes into contact with me... I guess I'm just very excited at the moment.

Also in other news... I'm not leaving the house today at all as far as I know so I'm celebrating by putting on my 'Gold Digger' T shirt. I like to treat myself every so often!

Ta muchly Younger-Brother-Daniel. Everyone should go check out his work via the link. He's pretty darn good.

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  1. Hmmm... there's something different here. No! Wait! Don't tell me - let me guess.

    A haircut. You got a haircut. Right? RIGHT?


    Seriously, your brother is a talented fellow. The new digs look pretty fab!