Thursday, 19 May 2011

I wonder what I can expect from being indebted to a cloud? What could they possibly want to collect?

Claire-The-Bully has been shortened to CTB

I knock on Claire-The-Bully's door, she opens it

Me: I'm ready to run.
CTB: (Looks me up and down) They're not running shoes mate.
Me: Listen, I'm just surprised I own trainers at all.
CTB: You're going to need running shoes if we're going to do this regularly.
Me:(Lifts up foot to show CTB the underneath of my trainers) But look! They've got loads of grip. I've only worn them once.
CTB: It's got nothing to do with the grip, it's about having the right bounce in the right places.
Me: I'm sure I'll be fine.

Five minutes later I press play on my cool new iphone app. The lady tells us to brisk walk... we do. CTB gives me another look over

CTB: Are you even wearing a sports bra?
Me: (I pause and look at her sheepishly) No.
CTB: Mate! Not only is that going to hurt but you'll end up with saggy boobs!
Me: It's fine. I'm making up for it by wearing a bra and a top that also supports.
CTB: You need to think about buying these things if we're going to take this seriously.
Me: I'm sure I'll be fine. Besides, remember when I moved out on my own and got all that freedom?
CTB: Yeah?
Me: Well it turns out I had to trade every penny I will ever earn for the privilege. As a result I have become queen of economising.
CTB: Oh for crying out loud, I'll lend you some trainers.
Me: Thanks Claire! I'll blog about it so you don't forget.

I did it.

I ran for a minute, then walked for a minute and a half, and I did that 8 times. I have to do the same thing 3 more times then I get to progress to the next level. How exciting!

I'm amazingly pumped about the whole thing. My legs don't even hurt that much this morning. The bottoms of my feet and my upper back ache a little but hey, no one said economising didn't come with a few sacrifices.

I think Claire-The-Bully was slightly amused by my 'noob' choice of clothing. After the bra comment I made a conscious decision not to tell her that my whole clothes choice that day was picked out not due to suitability but rather due to what I thought made me look most like a runner.


Yes, it's alright, you can say it. I am definitely not what you might call an 'outside person.'

The rain stopped just in time for us to run. The clouds didn't disappear altogether but they crossed their fluffy legs and waited until we were done. Thank you clouds, I am now in your debt.

Claire-The-Bully wants to go out again tonight and although I had initially agreed to this, I'm feeling a little reluctant now. The 'Get Running' app has instructed that we mustn't run until Friday and if anyone knows what they're talking about, it would be the app. I'm entrusting my future fitness to it... plus you know, I'm knackered and I don't want to.

I was really proud of myself though. I even celebrated by cooking a large pizza in the oven and eating it after nine so that my body couldn't process it properly before I went to bed.

I've booked in my next run for Saturday afternoon (yes, I have already decided not to go out tonight). I'm really looking forward to it!... wonder how long that will last.

PS: I'm going to see Attack the Block tonight with Film-Buddy-Kezia. Check out the review on filmsworthseeing
sometime tonight or tomorrow!

Peace out my lovelies.

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