Saturday, 14 May 2011

I lost my best friend the other day... it felt weird.

On Thursday went down and suddenly I was unable to post anything.

On Friday I realised something. I do not function well without that thing. I think I may be in love with it.

I also realised that I have no social life to speak of when isn't around. Nothing to type, nowhere to go. Nothing to do that involved anything that remotely interested me because I knew I wouldn't be able to go home and blog about it.

I wondered for a brief moment over these two days on whether this meant that I was in fact losing it, but then I thought... probably best not to dwell on that too much. Besides, when I do eventually lose my mind altogether and end up being committed, at least my Doctor's will have a day by day account of exactly how I got to that point. So really, I'm just being thoughtful and thinking of the future. To the future Doctors reading this right now... you're welcome.

I also have been inadvertently educating myself through writing in this thing on a day to day basis. Just yesterday, in a vain attempt of finding something else to do I started to re-read my book for the 132nd time (probably not much of an exaggeration there btw). Suddenly I became aware of all of these grammatically incorrect sentences and poorly worded phrases that I hadn't seen before. I can only attribute this to the daily typing I have started up and the constant obsessive re-reading of all my work to make sure that I am sounding highly intelligent in the way I phrase a sentence even if the content isn't exactly selling the case.

Anyway, somewhere around Friday morning I suddenly noticed that not only had my access to Blogspot disappeared but so had my last post. I began to wonder if maybe I had upset the site and it was punishing me for something.

I wracked my brain but couldn't think of a thing. Actually, if anything, I've been really attentive to it over the past couple of months. Then I thought that maybe that was the reason... maybe I was smothering it.

But then when I got home it let me back on and allowed me to post a post with pictures and everything, I realised all was forgiven and decided not to dwell on it too much. Plus, even I recognised that perhaps I was going a little too far by giving my URL a personality with feelings and stuff.

If anything, it was probably just wanting to give me time to work on making my book amazing, which I have been doing, so thank you Blogspot.


And for future Doctors. If you're wondering when the time was that I probably stepped over the line from 'quirky and fun' to 'mentally unhinged,' this probably was it... I might try and be a little more 'out of the clouds' for the next post... Maybe.

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