Sunday, 22 May 2011

You gain some bullies... you lose some

It's a rare occasion when I can write a post about Claire-The-Bully and Rachael-The-Bully and actually have a nice experience to tell.

Last night I met up with Claire-The-Bully and Rachael-The-Bully at our local pub (also dubbed 'the second front room'). It was pretty exciting because in addition to our little threesome a good friend of ours who we don't see nearly enough was there too, his name is Jamie and he's pretty awesome.

Rachael-The-Bully got a little nostalgic when we all sat down and remarked how it was like having the family back together again. You see, Rachael-The-Bully has a really nice house and each one of us out that night has rented the same room from her at some point. I had it first, then Jamie took over and now Claire-The-Bully lives there.

I feel I should go back a little as before I sat down Rachael-The-Bully and Jamie hinted to me the type of evening I should be expecting by mocking me and the fact that my long top had got itself humourously caught and they thought it only fair to remark about this rather loudly in the garden for all to hear.

Due to this, Jamie has joined the bullying clan and will from this point always be referred to as Jamie-The-Bully as well (he did have another name he wanted me to use but I decided that I was going to keep the blog clean).

An hour in our new friend Stefan joined us and I felt I had an ally now. Although all three of them really were on top form that night, after every sarcastic remark they would then look at each other, point and say "I bet that ends up on her blog." It was at this point that I realised I may have created a monster in giving them the nicknames I have... Ah well, at least it gives me something to write about.

Now I know so far it doesn't seem that there has been any good experience to share here but Claire-The-Bully did something later that would redeem her from all the jibes from the night. (Rachael-The-Bully and Jamie-The-Bully are not redeemed and should start thinking about buying me stuff to say sorry.)

After my blog on my book Claire-The-Bully wanted to know why she had never been given the book to read. I told her it was because she had previously stated that she doesn't read books that often and if I were to send it to her she probably wouldn't read it. She then told me that I was a liar and she would never have said that to which I replied I had enough written evidence to prove that that definitely would be something she could have said.

Anywho, she asked to read it and so I hastily whored my book off to another reader and emailed it to her. The next day she informed me that she had not only printed the book out but that she had bound it as well.

I nearly cried with happiness as I excitedly told her that she had just gotten my book the closest it's ever been to published. Knowing that I was going back to hers on Saturday I made sure that I had brought my camera so that I could forever remember what it looked like.

When last night came though and we travelled back to The-Bullies house, even I wasn't quite prepared for just how emotional seeing my book in that form made me.

I mean it's my book guys, my baby. For so long it has been sitting on my hard drive and staring out at me from my screen but now there it was... in page form... bound together... with a little blue front cover and everything.

Claire-The-Bully could see how attracted I had become to the book (there may have been elongated hugging and unwillingness to let go of the book involved). In a moment of pure loveliness she said I could have it. She'd just print off another one.

Guys, I know this may not seem like anything amazing, and I'm sure a lot of you are wondering why I didn't just bind the book myself. Unfortunately I don't own a printer in my house, let alone a little binding machine that turns my book into a sexy little minx.

So Claire-The-Bully, due to your wonderfulness and lovely act of generosity, I have decided to reciprocate by granting you one moment of non bullydom and say, this one time:

Thank you Claire. You are awesome.

Check it out! It's my book!!

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