Wednesday, 18 May 2011

It looks like it's going to rain and I just ran for the train... Is that enough of an excuse?

It's really dark out. There's no sky at all, just grey clouds. That suggests to me that it's not only going to rain but it's going to be the kind of rain that gets even your underwear wet.

Surely that's enough of an excuse to forfeit running right? I do really want to do it and there is a very dominant part of my brain that's insisting running is a good thing. 

Only problem is there's also a niggling whining part that's picturing my sofa and my 'Hanjie' puzzle book with a large amount of longing. 

This side of my brain is always there but usually I can apply logic against it and force myself to ignore it, as the thing I'm meant to be doing is far too important not to do. 

One problem with that method this time is that logic appears to be siding with the whining part of my brain. Do I catch the inevitable pneumonia waiting for me if I run in the rain?

The problem is if I ignore my challenge at the first hurdle then I'll never start it because my brain will deem it as a failure and something that just wasn't meant to be. 


Urgh!! Now Claire-The-Bully has just text me making the same 'dark cloud' observation! What if this is the universe telling me not to... No! Bad Lisa. Do not use your weird strenuous links of deduction for evil. They are meant to be for quirky and whimsical purposes only. 

At the end of the day your heart and brain may stop working altogether if you do not start exercising. Remember this photo?

Remember how much you drool over having that body again? Remember how you tried to put on those shorts again the other day? DO YOU REMEMBER THAT HORRIBLE MOMENT?? If that isn't the universe telling you to start exercising, I don't know what is. 

So that being said...

Dear clouds, 

Please could you make a quick visit to Scotland for the next couple of hours? They won't mind, they're used to you. Hell, they'll probably welcome you with open arms. 

You can come back around 9pm tonight. I've got to be indoors to collect my Tesco's shopping by that point anyway. 

I know you've actually started raining now, and I hate to interrupt you mid flow but if you could please stop I'll owe you one!


Love Lisa. 

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