Tuesday, 31 May 2011

She's back and she's better than ever

Today I got the following text from One-And-Only-Daniela.

"Hey Lisel, cud u vote for me plz? There's a link on my facebook. Cud u post the link in a blog as well plz lol and cud u ask all ur friends n der friends to vote as well plz x x"

Before you say it, I know. Alas One-And-Only-Daniela has a lot of good qualities but her grammatically correct texts are not one of them.

It used to make me cry a little on each read but after 3 years of deciphering the language, I'm used to it by now. In fact she's the only person I know who texts like that so actually it's just another quality that makes her One-And-Only-Daniela.

If we look past the ghetto 'txt spk' however and look at the content, you will see another quality of hers that I absolutely adore.

One-And-Only-Daniela on occasion (usually when she's excited about something) will start a conversation with you right in the middle of where her thought pattern was at the time and then assume you have the ability to read her mind and know precisely what she was talking about.

Quite often she does this without providing any clue of how to get to it's source, using statements like "So I went to that place last week and it happened again." She has actually said something to that effect to me after a couple of months of no contact with each other at all and has expected me to know what it is that she was talking about. I think she just assumes that I have her life on CCTV and watch it 24/7.

Ladies and gents, you can be assured that when reading this text, the mysterious vote to which she is referring to was as much a mystery to me upon reading as I'm sure it is to you.

For all I knew I could have been voting for her to go on holiday, cook the best tasting pie, or win Britain's Got Talent, who knows.

Luckily (and rather uncharacteristically for her) she did leave me bread crumbs this time through referring me back to her facebook page and finding the link to mysterious vote she was talking about.

I can reveal that after extensive detective work she was referring to a modelling competition she has entered.

So people, I implore you. Because she is awesome (if you need more proof, click here) and because there really is no one like her, make her day and click on the link below. It takes about 30 seconds to do and there are no repercussions on your part.

Pretty good deal if you ask me.

Vote for Daniela

(There One-And-Only-Daniela, are you happy?)

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