Thursday, 29 September 2011

I should go into PR... I quite enjoyed writing this post.

Today's post is going to take the form of a complete advertisement for one of my favourite people in the world... no One-And-Only-Daniela has not entered into another modelling competition (actually, I have no idea how that went... I should really ask her about that).

This time I'm here to talk about someone else I quite often mention in these posts. This time I'm going to talk about Younger-Brother-Daniel. You see Younger-Brother-Daniel is a pretty awesome artist. I'm not really one for gushing when I think the person is going to hear about it, especially when the person is one of my brothers, and I know he will be looking at the post today because I promised him that if he started posting youtube videos I would plug them. Sunday, he posted his first youtube video. Yesterday I watched it and laughed. Today I'm telling you about it.

In case you need proof of Younger-Brother-Daniel's talents before you watch the youtube video, take a moment to look at the design around this post. This whole blog page was designed by my brother and you have to admit, it looks pretty cool.

So here's the bit where I go against my own stunted awkwardness and talk about Younger-Brother-Daniel's awesomeness even though he is going to read this and it's going to be really weird next time I see him because he's going to know I said nice things about him and neither of us are going to know how to react to it so we'll just clear our throats loudly and avoid eye contact until the disturbing feeling goes away.

Younger-Brother-Daniel growing up had always been prone to try out the new craze in his life. He was at one point convinced he would be a kick-ass Hockey player after watching Mighty Ducks. Then he was going to make a living out of breeding tamagotchi's, he had four of them and he kept them on a chain around his neck for months. The one that dangerously came close to sticking was the day that he decided he wanted to be a WWE wrestler. He even joined a club, got himself a nickname (I can't remember the real one, but we as a family would call him 'The Pebble') and bought himself some wrestling gear. Thankfully that one didn't catch either.

But then when he was about 16, he discovered that he liked to draw. He wasn't particularly good at it then but he was determined that he was going to learn. He started by copying comic characters, he then progressed to an online forum where he spent day in, day out studying other people's artwork and locked himself away to learn how to draw just like it.

From the moment he discovered art, he made himself a makeshift studio in our parents' garage and studied like I had never seen him study before. He bought books on the muscular system so that he could learn how to draw each and every muscle in the body. He would follow us around and name the different muscles in our faces and hands, the guy really knew his stuff.

Suddenly he was creating artwork and illustrations that blew us all away. He never stopped, he constantly studied. He and he alone took his talent from ... well ... rubbish, to absolutely amazing. He did a post on his own blog a while back that showed the complete transformation in his work, the pictures below were in this post.

These are all self portraits. The first picture is when he first started drawing and then what he had improved to three years later.

He then did a self portrait three years after that (this was about three years ago) and you can see how much his work has changed.

He went to uni to study illustration and animation. After his second year he took a year out, you know because ... well, he got a job working for Disney as an intern for year ... as you do. He worked in the department who designed video games and has spent the year in on all the Disney secrets that he has sworn he will never tell. And he keeps to that promise. Everything about that job was classified. I swear there is no difference between Disney and MI5.

He has now just started his third year back at uni and has started a video blog, which is what this blog has been about.

Guys, I know I'm not being biased in Younger-Brother-Daniel's talent as he is my brother. I promise you, if you go to his youtube channel and subscribe, he will not disappoint. Here is his first video, if you like what you see, go and subscribe so you'll know when he does more!!

Click here for a link to his youtube page.


Younger-Brother-Daniel usually tells me off for my blogs about him because apparently he feels that I lie or make him come off as bad... I don't think he can have a problem with that on this one but he may very well complain that I have bigged him up too much. If that is the case then I should probably cover myself by saying ... you know ... he ain't that great. You'll probably only be mediocrely impressed, but you might as well subscribe for the mediocre laughs.


If he wasn't thinking that on the other hand and is now offended by the above paragraph then... I lied. He's awesome.

Peace out my lovelies.

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