Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Younger-Brother-Daniel may start to beat me at internet domination.

Younger-Brother-Daniel has done another video. This time he took one of the vlogs performed by the one and only You Tube legend that is John Green and put scripted animation to it. Check it out.

He had a whole phone conversation with me today and then threw an off beat comment somewhere near the end about the fact that he had done this video. I said I'd watch it and we said goodbye.

After watching it and loving it, the following text conversation happened:

Younger-Brother-Daniel has been shortened to YBD

Me: That vid was amazing. Have you sent it to John as a video response?

YBD: He's seen it, i sent him an email asking if i could use the audio, and then again when it was done he said he was gonna try and tweet it.

Me: Wait. He wrote back to you and said he would tweet it?

YBD: Said he was gonna TRY and tweet it, so i don't think its a definite, but yeah he wrote back, said he really liked it :-)

Me: Oh my days. That's huge!! When did that happen?

YBD: Today, i think it was late at night when he sent me the email for him though.

Me: Oh my days Daniel. You're a recognised nerdfighter. JOHN GREEN KNOWS YOU EXIST!!!!!! How did you last that entire phone conversation without bursting out with that little nugget?

YBD: Ha, cause nothing may come of it, don't wanna build it up too much in my head. And i didn't know if i could bare the screeching excitement i imagine is going on right now from your mouth:-)

Me: Daniel. John Green maybe thinking about you right now. There is no way you could possibly build that up bigger than it actually is.

YBD: Ha! loser.

Yes. That actually happened.

For those of you who don't know who John Green is... You guys really need to stop having a real life and spend more time procrastinating on the Internet because there is a whole world of mind numbing yet hilariously entertaining things you are missing out on. An example of John is here (it's old but one of my favs):

The link to his channel is here.

And another video that has nothing to do with him except I found it on YouTube as well this week is here.

You're welcome and good night.

Peace out my lovelies.

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