Friday, 29 July 2011

Oh this is like the best thing ever wrapped in amazingness.

Up until about two weeks ago I have never really paid much attention to the news. I made a decision about five years back that if I continued to watch the news I would never be happy again. 

I have this really nasty habit of getting emotionally involved in every bad thing that I see. I would be in a perfectly chipper mood, spend half an hour watching the horrific goings on of the world and then not want to leave my house for like three days. 

For the sake of my sanity I decided to boycott all newspapers and news channels. I lived in ignorant bliss for five years until this year...

This year there was this massive vote we had in England. It was called the AV vote. Don't ask me about anything else to do with this however because I didn't even realise it was happening until the day of voting.

I DO know it has something to do with the way we elect our Prime Minister. It was at this point I decided that ignoring the world around me probably wasn't the best option anymore. 

It took me a little time but I decided two weeks ago that I would ease myself into the media knowledge via the free paper available to me on the train into work. This is called The metro. 

The metro is a fairly safe paper to get wrapped up in. It tells the news but also adds fun little quirky stories in for good measure.  

Since I have been making this effort to not ignore the things that have happened around me I have had a mixed reaction to my decision. Days like this Monday just gone have made my decision tough. That was not easy reading (My thoughts and prayers go out to all those effected in Norway and to the family and friends if Amy Winehouse).

Today however I came across such a gem that I don't know how I was happy in my life before I had read it.

Best article in the world

Please give the article a read. It will make your day I promise

Being a massive kickass fan I have spent many a night imagining a world where an ordinary kid would throw on a full body suit and try and fight crime. Despite all the violence, blood and death in that movie the concept that someone, somewhere in the world was living out the superhero fantasy made me beyond ecstatic. 

Guys, my life is that little bit brighter thanks to Roger Hayhurst. And the fact that people seem to let him do it rocks even more!! Thank you world for introducing me to this insight! Awesome in a bag is this day. 

I'm not kidding every time I have thought of this story today I have felt elated. I think I've just become his number one fan. 

Who would like to join the fan club?

Peace out my lovelies. 


  1. I have to say, that after the last news week, this article just made me extraordinarily happy. Thank you for pointing it out.

    I am down with a fan club. It looks like he's on facebook. Would it be creepy to friend him?!/roger.hayhurst

  2. Not at all creepy! He'd probably love it! Friend away!