Wednesday, 13 July 2011

WARNING: This post probably isn't for everyone - I apologise in advance for the ickiness.

I've been hobbling today. I'm not asking for sympathy. It is completely my fault as to why I have been but all the same, my right foot freakin hurts. 

You see, last night, just as I was getting in the shower I spotted the mother of all blisters right in middle of the ball of my foot. 

It was probably formed from all the walking I had to do on Sunday during my awesome day at Alton Towers. I remember being ready to amputate my feet by the end of that day. 

This blister was so beautiful I simply couldn't help myself. I had to pop it. The logical part of my brain was telling me that I would regret this decision. It told me that due to where it was situated, there was no way popping it wouldn't hurt like a bitch. But I wouldn't listen. 

A pull from my very core, fuelled by a rush of adrenaline and excitement forced me to abandon my shower and reach for my needle...

I'm not going to go into the details of it for the same reason I won't upload a photo. I don't want to repulse you guys, I kind of like the fact that you read my random crap, it would suck if you stopped. 

All I will say is that the logical side of my brain has been very smug towards the rest of me today. That and my right foot looks like I have a hole gouged in it. 

Once again my impulsivity has backfired on me and today has not been pleasant. I say this not to gross you out but to explain myself should you have caught me and my rather "unique" walk today and thought to yourselves "Why's she walking like a crazy person?"

It's not because I've taken a leaf out of the Monty Python handbook and developed a new walk. No, it's because of my own perverse and rather disgusting habits, so you needn't worry. If you did though... That was kind of judgemental don't you think? Who are you to tell me how I can and can't walk? Rachael-and-Claire-The-Bullies? I have enough judgement from them to last a lifetime! 

Only kidding guys... Judge away!! 

Sorry for being so gross. 

Peace out my lovelies. 

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