Monday, 25 July 2011

I'm so glad I have a place to write all my amazing ideas down so I never forget them.

I've decided to invent something. Something that I need badly. Something that will stop me from making the same mistake over and over and allow me to blossom and skip and sing like a truly developed person. 

After this 'phone losing' incident you'd think I'd have learnt my lesson, but nope, not me. Instead yesterday I go and repeat the manic 'losing the phone' situation all over again. Luckily I had left it in a friends car but my poor nerves made a decision for the rest of my body in that moment. The decision will simultaneously solve my problem and add more pennies to my stack of millions of pounds I am one day going to make. 

I decided I would create a device that means I would never lose my phone again. 

At first I considered enduring the pain of stapling the phone to my ear. As feasible and highly useful that it sounded, alas I realised I wouldn't be able to remove the phone from my ear to text or type numbers or tweet or even play bookworm (yes I'm still going with that, I know! I've amazed even myself!)

So my next thought was to staple some form of lever device to my ear and use that to stretch the phone out in front of me when I needed it. 

Again, I marvelled at my own genius before I realised another small flaw in that I was now applying a lot of weight onto the top of my ear which would just pull the top over my ear hole so that I would be able to hear the person on the phone anyways. 

This was when I came up with the head band idea. An elastic band designed to match my skin tone and a thin lever off the end so that I could plait my hair around it and fool people to think I'm just sporting a rather edgy hair style. 

There was just one problem with this design. Elastic just didn't seem secure enough. Especially for when I slept. 

That's when I remembered the invention of the screw and screwdriver. 

In case you were wondering what this amazing invention would look like... Huzzah! Here's my design!

I shall be starting the price at £70 for the product and £30 for installation including the use of a proper fancy electric screwdriver. I expect to see your checks in the post. 

Peace out my lovelies. 


  1. Take it to the Dragons Lisa !!! I think this is fabulous!!! The only problem is they may refer you to a psychiatrist!!!!lol

  2. I'll just tell them it's fine coz I work for one. Job done.