Friday, 22 July 2011

An ode to everything that is ginger.

Well due to my rubbish immune system I've been stuck inside for two days. This hasn't been fun. I have every window open because my fever has told me I'm too hot but I'm pretty sure that it's cold outside due to the fact that my toes are cold, even if the rest of me isn't.

I hope that tomorrow things are better. That's what we always hope when the immune system is low. "Tomorrow will be better." I'm just waiting for the morning when that actually turns out to be true. Until that day I am watching crappy morning TV and even crappier evening TV. I've managed to get obsessed with all the main soaps without even trying. I'm pretty sure that's a bad habit to be getting into.

On the plus side there's an amazing ginger man on one of the British soaps I have been watching called 'Coronation Street.' Him alone has made me be happy in British TV. For a couple of years I have been hearing my work colleagues going on about this amazing ginger man on Coronation Street that I have been missing out on. I have to admit, the character seems a bit of a douche but to look at? He's yummy. So I'm happy. Here's a picture to make everyone (who loves a ginger, which should be everyone) happy.

I appreciate he might not be much to look at if you're not a ginger freak like me (a fact that Claire-The-Bully tells me regularly) but in my 'completely obsessed with anything that is ginger that moves' capacity. I can tell you he is gorgeous.

Maybe I need to see the outside world, but I'm not convinced. I'm loving my new crush. We'll see what happens. I mean he's not as beautiful as the ultimate gingers which are the following two men...


But frankly, in my current state, any man that can look at me with ginger hair is the man of my dreams... even better if he has ginger that reaches to his eyelashes...

Another ginger man I have been perving over recently would be this guy...

He is making Grey's Anatomy the most enjoyable TV show out there.

And that is what I have learnt on my day of sickness today.

Peace out my lovelies.


  1. Luckily there are people out there like you, because not everyone loves us gingers. Frequently my boyfriend tells me gingers don't have souls. haha
    Who's that last guy pictured? I miiiight just have to start watching Grey's again.

  2. He's a new one from series five onwards and he's a tough nut and slightly screwed up doctor that's just come back from the army. Say it with me people... YUM!