Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Get rich quick? Yes I see that happening. I'm very good at theoretically reaping the benefits from everyone elses ideas.

I've been stuck at home once again only a couple of weeks after my last cold with a new one. Beginning to think I need an immune system transplant. Is that possible? I should definitely look that up and see if I can at least create one if it doesn't exist already...

Damn it, now I'm hoping it doesn't exist so I can be the one to create it. I don't know how I can but I might patent it before anyone else does so that I get all the credit should anyone else find a way of doing it. Yes, that is the way to make money.

Now all I need is a good team of doctors, scientists and researchers to do all the work for me while I reap the benefits. Then everyone can be healthy forever and I can live forever gaining money from it... that's a lot of money.

I like the ideas I come up with when I'm delirious from lack of sleep and a good immune system. I guess that's why I'm documenting this now so that when my body has recuperated and my mind goes with it I can still remember the genius ideas I have. Who would like to join me on this venture? I think it's a solid idea.

In other news, my parents are moving to Scotland on Thursday. This is a pretty emotional thing, especially for my mother who has to leave myself and both my brothers behind in England. Tomorrow night we are having a last meal type thing. I skyped my mother last week and she mentioned something about making sure that I bring tissues because it will be an emotional one. Pretty sure it will be as if my mother is going to find it emotional then I will also. I have only ever seen my mum cry once and that act alone sent me over the edge. Wish me luck for that ordeal tomorrow.

I'm one of those people who have absolutely amazing and supportive parents. We are a very close tight knit family and as of Thursday, my parents, me and my brothers will all be living in completely different places in the UK. It will be weird and although I have lived on my own for a while now, the idea is starting to freak me out. Is this an end of an era? Will my parents develop a Scottish accent? What will happen? The future is new and weird.

Mind you, once my millions come in from my 'Immune system transplant' idea and my award winning book then I'll be able to afford the plane trip to see them all the time. All the more reason for my team to start assembling itself now! I get the feeling it will involve a hell of a lot of vitamin C...

Also there is back up plan B, which is reap the benefits from One-And-Only-Daniela's profits surrounding Rumligion.

With all of these ideas flying around, I guess the only question is, why am I not rich yet?

It couldn't possibly be because I have spent the entire day watching Grey's Anatomy instead of working on these ideas. That's just ridiculous.

Peace out my lovelies.


  1. Best get rich quick scheme I ever heard was a strip club outside a hotel that paged you when it was time to goto your flight.

  2. I hope this immune system transplant business comes to fruition because I really need one too. I'm constantly sick. The best part is, with every cold I get, I also get a side of bronchitis.
    Please keep me posted on your progress.