Thursday, 8 May 2014

The week of nerves and a formal apology

If last week was my week of happiness, then this week has been my week of "being so full of nerves, I could throw up at any moment."

These are all good nerves... I think. All nerves that have only come into play because I'm trying new things and putting myself out there. My main reasons for these nerves are the super secret thing I'm doing that I'm not telling anyone until I find out if I'm successful (note: if you don't hear me talk about this after a while, you can just take it I was unsuccessful in my attempts, otherwise I will announce my success for everyone to hear), and the not so secret fact that I am publishing my second book on Amazon tomorrow. Ladies and gents, I'm pretty much at the point of cacking myself right now.

Don't get me wrong, I'm proud of the book and I'm happy with how it came out, however, I'm now hitting the point that I've finished editing it, but don't trust myself in my editing, so keep on going back to re-read it and make further adjustments. This is why I need to publish this thing tomorrow, otherwise I'm in danger of reaching that moment where I've read it so much that I begin to hate everything about it and resort to deleting it permanently from my computer in a fit of rage. I can't really afford for that to happen, due to the sheer amount of sweat and tears that went into creating it.

My first book, Utopia, was written in the space of just a couple of months. The editing then took the majority of the time. This book however, was written in just under a year. My reasons for this are:

A: The storyline is a little more complex and I've had to constantly check that my timings are right and it doesn't contradict the first book in any way.
B: I have been editing the shizzle out of it as I have been writing it. As opposed to the first one where I just wrote non stop before I attempted to adjust anything.
C: I made a decision for a certain storyline at the beginning of the book that I have kept to, but that has taken some emotional toll in writing... I won't say anything else, no spoilers here. But let's just say that there have been certain moments in the book that I have been fearful of writing. It makes sense for the overall storyline etc and definitely couldn't be any other way, but all the same, there has been some severe avoidance techniques that have been used in this particular writing process.

I've been fairly zen about the whole 'publishing another book' process, until Tuesday night, when I lay in bed for the majority of the night, wide eyed and terrified. You see, it's another one of my babies that I am giving you. It's taken a lot of my insides to create (figuratively of course, I have not been forming my intestines into some kind of pen contraption and writing the words in blood or anything) and now I'm about to present it to anyone in the world who wants to read it.

I've also been working on my zero money budget for advertising and realised I had made a huge mistake in this, this morning. You see, I thought it would be an awesome idea to just go ahead and count down the days until the book is published. However, it would appear that I included the actual day of publication as one of my days, thus meaning that tomorrow would be 'one day to go' rather than 'no days to go.' (You may have noticed that yesterday, I said we had 3 days to go, when it should have been 2.)

As soon as I realised my mistake, I released a video of apology (in true politician form), admitting my mistake, and uploaded it onto all the necessary social networking places. I wanted to mention it here as well, guys I am sorry that I am so 'special', the concept of counting down from 10 is lost on me. Maths has always been my weakest ability... in that I don't have it as an ability at all. As such, my countdown has lost a little bit of credibility now, but please don't hold it against me... or the book... I steer clear of the topic of maths in the book so it shouldn't cause any controversy.

As a plus, I've made Book 1 even more easier to buy! To promote A World Reborn, Book 1 (Utopia) is now available for the bargain price of 77p in the UK and (I think) 99 cents in the USA, and then whatever the equivalent is for all the other currencies, check out your country's Amazon site to see what you have. Basically it's mega cheap now. Like, the same amount you might pay for a chocolate bar or a packet of crisps. Once again, the link to this book is in the right hand bar.

I'm going to go now and throw up a little... or just rock backwards and forwards in an attempt to calm the nerves, but thanks for all your support so far in these books. You are beautiful and lovely and make my world that little bit more perfect for being in it.

Until tomorrow...

Peace out my lovelies

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