Tuesday, 27 May 2014

One-And-Only Showing of Bad Neighbours

It was a funny week last week... not in the 'ha ha' way, but more the 'it's difficult to describe' way. There were a few not very nice things that came out of it. My weekend  was spent dealing with those things and then yesterday a few more not very nice things were thrown my way. However, as I said on Thursday, sometimes life has this habit of doing that to you. It's full of good things and also bad. Things will let you down, as will people, but I'm happy with the way that I have managed to pick myself up at the end of it. I'm also confident that things will get better once I'm over this hump.

I just wanted to explain for the lack of posts last week, and I know I missed out on a Fancy Things Friday, for which I am utterly ashamed and will ensure it never happens again. I had to make 'real people life' a priority a bit last week, instead of 'internetual life' but I'm back and ready to go this week!

So with all that being said, I went to the cinema with One-And-Only-Daniela yesterday! Huzzah! Twas fun! We went to see Bad Neighbours, which I believe is just being called 'Neighbours' in other countries. My guess for why it had to be changed for Great Britain is to do with the fact that the Australian Soap Neighbours has always been quite popular over here, and so there might be a chance that some of us would have gone to it thinking it was something else? I don't know. If that is the reason, I would like to believe that the British nation should be given a little more credit than that... I mean, as beautiful as some of the Australian actors on Neighbours are, I think we can all work out that Zac Efron has never been on that soap, nor Seth Rogan for that matter, and as they are both on every poster promoting the movie, even without seeing the trailer, I think we, as a nation, would be able to work it out... (PS: Just googled that shizzle and that is totally why they changed the name... I'm not going to lie, I feel a little insulted).

Okay, the movie... I'm a bit of a sucker for a Seth Rogan movie. I tend to laugh a silly amount at his humour. I did so in this movie as well. Don't get me wrong, it's silly and holds no depth whatsoever, but it's meant to be that way. The whole concept being about a frat house moving next door to a young couple with a baby and the hilarity that then ensues as they rival against each other.

I laughed hard at this movie. I will add a disclaimer however that, if you are not a fan of the Seth Rogan movies, then this one probably isn't for you. He follows the same pattern of humour; people getting high, sex jokes, and some absolutely hilarious physical comedy (airbags that had me crying). For me, it works. Also, it doesn't go too much into the whole 'getting high and then funny things happen' routine this time round. The few of his movies that I have lost interest in, are ones where that is all they do (Pineapple express, for example). Although there is an element of that involved, it actually branches out to other humour as well, which I personally prefer.

Also... Zac Efron. He is almost too beautiful. I mean, it's just not right. How does someone look like that? There is a scene where he does a whole conversation with Seth Rogan topless and I swear, I could not tell you a single thing that they discussed.

It's a really good movie for discussing afterwards with friends. You know the conversation I'm talking about... you're all sitting around a table at the pub, someone brings the movie up and suddenly everyone's throwing in the "What about the scene where..." or "I couldn't stop laughing at the bit when..." remarks and you all fall about laughing, even at bits that you didn't really laugh at when watching it. (Best movie for this is Napoleon Dynamite. That movie I did not get the first time I watched it, but when discussing it afterwards with friends, I suddenly found it hilarious, watched it again, and laughed all the way through.)

Also, I got to educate One-And-Only-Daniela again... it turns out that she didn't realise DVDs were only released a couple of months after a movie had finished in the cinema... How do I know this? After coming out of the movie, she wanted to go out and buy the DVD straight away... I know... I don't know how she didn't know. I mean, she watches movies all the time, it's impossible for her not to have worked it out before yesterday, but somehow she had managed to stay completely in the dark. The mind boggles sometimes. If I'm honest, I'm nothing but impressed. That is quite some feat to have lasted this long without knowing that... Some might say she is the One-And-Only person to have done that... See what I did there?

Anywho, if you want to watch something light and fun, Bad Neighbours is definitely a good choice. Also, there is a scene where the frats dress up as different Robert De Niro characters that probably made me laugh the hardest, there was not one bit about that scene that I didn't love. I've just thought about three more scenes that I loved, but I'm not a spoilers type o'gal so I'll just wait until I can talk to someone who has seen it so that we can rinse out all the humour in one overly loud conversation involving a fair amount of cackling like a witch on my part.

Okie doke, I will speak to you lovely people soon.

Peace out my lovelies.

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