Thursday, 1 May 2014

Just a little bit of advertising hype.

9 days to go until A World Reborn is available on Amazon!! Book 2 in the Utopia Series. First book is in the right hand column, if you fancy buying something to read this weekend... Go on, you know you want to...

After yesterday's post, I found out that the tube strike wasn't being extended to today, like I thought. Therefore, the trains were all normal and shizzle this morning, which is yet another reason for me to be happy this week. To celebrate this, I have been playing Pharell Williams' Happy on repeat all day... it is actually impossible to listen to that song and not at least click your fingers and nod your head whilst doing so.

So, I've decided, regardless of having no existing budget for an advertising campaign in the lead up to the release of my new book, I would just go ahead and do one anyway. The only limit I have had is that I have no money... so far, I've been coping pretty well.

I began my countdown to the release (*cough* 9th May 2014 *cough*) yesterday in form of photos. The best forum to advertise these photos? Why Instagram of course. As such, I have created a new Utopia instagram page!! So far, I have 4 followers so it's going well!! However, if you would like to join this page, then please do and the link is ***HERE***. The profile name is Welcome_to_utopia and it has a total of 2 pictures on it!! Huzzah!! Success!! I will be uploading others... basically it's a way for me to document the process of writing and publishing the books, as I do them, in image form, so as to keep you all updated. I will continue to use it as I write books 3 to... I want to say, 10??? Not too sure yet, but definitely 7. It would mean the world to me if you joined and followed me. I promise to try and be as entertaining as I can on it...

One-And-Only-Daniela has officially taken over as PR of the books and is suitably ordering me around in the world of social networking, in order to create more hype about them. It's awesome, but also feels a little like I'm at school again... she sets me homework and gets really annoyed when I don't do what she asks in time...

All of this means that there will be cool and interesting things heading your way in terms of this and will also mean that I can stop bugging the people who don't really care about the book, and only bug those who do. Basically, at the moment, my only forums are twitter, facebook, and this blog, which are all places where the people who are following or are friends with me, are there because of me, rather than my books, so I kinda feel all guilty and weird to paste all my advertising over it... I'm pretty certain that, once all the necessary "Official Utopia Series" pages are up and running, the viewing of these pages will be pretty minimal, but I'm prepared. (Thank you again to the 10-20 people who have read my book, you are my rock).

Okay, enough of that. I'm off now to listen to some more Pharell Williams and I will see you all tomorrow. You are beautiful people and I love you all in a very inappropriate way.

Peace out my lovelies.

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