Friday, 16 May 2014

Fancy Things Friday: The Ultimate Spotify

Welcome to Fancy Things Friday, where I talk about things on a Friday that I think are fancy!!

There are a few things in life that I like to think I've been the pioneer of when it comes to becoming a fan. I do like to try things out as soon as I hear about them, because then I get to talk about them incessantly, regardless of whether anyone wants to hear it or not. Although, most of the time, I tend to just get on board once I have heard about it nonstop via internetual means and am beginning to feel left out. 

And then there are those small occasions where I am so far behind in joining the party that it's just embarrassing. This is the case with today's Fancy Thing. Ladies and Gents, up until last Thursday, I had never used Spotify...

I know, chastise me, throw things at me, kick me in the shins, I deserve it all. I can't even tell you why I haven't tried it until now. I just always seemed to be content with buying albums I couldn't afford to clog up my already maxed out memory on my phone instead... for some reason, that always made sense to me in the past. Now, however, I have discovered exactly what Spotify means to my primal needs when I suddenly have an urge to listen to an obscure film score from a movie that was released in the 80s. I mean seriously, I have searched the most bizarre songs and have not once been disappointed... well, actually, I tell a lie. For some reason, it will give you the 'He Sleeps' theme from Pretty Woman (something I have never been able to find anywhere before Spotify) but it doesn't have Emma Bunton's 'Maybe' which I find rather bizarre, but there you go. 

I'm not going to insult all of your intelligence by trying to sell Spotify to you, because I'm sure you all have been using it for years. If any of you are as clueless as me, I will just briefly explain that it's an app/program that you can get for your computer/tablet/phone that holds every song known to man on it (except the afore mentioned Emma Bunton song). It has playlists devoted to decades, moods, genres, the things you are currently doing (such as working out, relaxing etc and so forth) and so much more. It's awesome. 

Instead of selling it to you, I have decided to list the songs that I have been playing non stop this week, in the hopes that you might check them out yourself, because they are awesome for so many different reasons. I will warn you now, however, I have been in a nostalgic place recently and so there might be a large influence from my teen years involved... in other words, expect a lot of tracks from the 90s. Okay, so I'll leave you with them, and perhaps it will inspire you to add a few extra songs to your own playlists. 

PS: I may have highlighted in bold the particular tracks I am currently feeling very passionate about...

1. Dear Darlin': Olly Murs
2. Lose Yourself: Eminem
3. This Love: Maroon 5
4. Everybody Get Up: Five
5. Bye Bye Bye: N Sync
6. Don't Speak: No Doubt
7. Torn: Natalie Imbruglia
8. Bitter Sweet Symphony: The Verve
9: Pretty Fly (for a white guy): The Offspring
10. Jumpin' Jumpin: Destiny's Child
11. Ms Jackson: Outkast
12. How you remind me: Nickelback
13. Truly Madly Deeply: Savage Garden
14: Two Beds and a Coffee Machine: Savage Garden
15. No Scrubs: TLC
16. November Rain: Guns N' Roses
17. Butterfly: Crazy Town
18: Californication: Red Hot Chilli Peppers
19. Say It Ain't So: Weezer
21: Cry Me a River: Justin Timberlake
22. Angel: Shaggy
23. My Boo: Usher and Alicia Keys
24. Ain't It Funny: J Lo and Ja Rule
25. Hella Good: No Doubt
26. Never Had a Dream Come True: S Club 7
27. Stan: Eminem
28: Cleaning Out My Closet: Eminem (funny story, I seem to know every word of this song, I have no recollection of ever learning it...)
29: Colorblind: Counting Crows
30: Rap God: Eminem (I have every intention of learning this one... it is my latest personal challenge)
31: Lose My Breath: Destiny's Child (or just any Destiny's Child... they can do very little wrong)
32: Sweet Child O'Mine: Guns N' Roses
33: Live and Let Die: Guns N' Roses
34: Bang Bang - My Baby Shot Me Down: Nancy Sinatra (Kill Bill version)
35: End Title from Speed (starring Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock): Mark Mancina
36: He Sleeps (score from Pretty Woman): James Newton Howard

I challenge you not to find at least five songs from that list that completely rock your world. You are welcome. 

Have an awesome weekend

Peace out my lovelies.

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