Friday, 2 May 2014

Fancy Things Friday: Justin Timberlake and his 20:20 vision of yumminess

Welcome to Fancy Things Friday, where I talk about things on a Friday that I think are fancy!!

A few months ago (whenever it came out) I purchased part one of the Justin Timberlake 20:20 Experience album. I, as I always do whenever that man does anything slightly musical, LOVED it. This week, I finally got round to purchasing part two of this album. This is mainly because I was paid a little extra money this month and figured I'd celebrate this with getting me some more of the Timberlake. It has become the only thing that I have been listening to all week... with the exception of yesterday when I was doing some nerve racking stuff and so had my "psych myself up to achieve greatness with a smile on my face" song on repeat all day, which at the moment is Pharrell Williams' Happy (another very fancy thing).

As is normally the way I choose the Fancy Thing for my Fridays, I naturally decided that this would be my topic, due to it being the thing that I have overused obsessively this week. I am going to extend my Fancy Thing to include Justin Timberlake as a whole, however, as seriously... that man... it's just not healthy to be that beautiful and sing and dance and create music the way he does. He does very strange things to me. Beautiful, beautiful man...

I kinda accidentally fell in love with the Timberlake. I wasn't really a massive N-Sync fan, preferring the Irish tones of Boyzone as a teenager, and when he went solo I didn't really have an opinion on any of his songs. However, I was working in McDonalds at the time, (as everyone does as some point in their lives... it's like a rite of passage) and he began his "I'm lovin it" promotion. Due to this, we managed to score free tickets to his first concert tour for his Justified album, and I wasn't going to turn those bad boys down.

So, my 18 year old self got all dressed up in a pink ensemble (I was a little obsessed with the colour at the time... my dress sense has a very interesting past, let's just leave it at that) and I headed off with a bunch of work colleagues to Earl's Court for the concert. The seats we had were amazing and we were quite near the front, so naturally I was already impressed before the concert even began. However, when it began, oh my days, I turned into complete and utter mush. I screamed until I lost my voice, I gaped at his general sexiness all the way through, and when he began his beat boxing segment, as an introduction to Rock your Body, I realised that my opinion of him would never be the same again. There was now only one opinion to have, and that was he was simply the most awesome artist I've ever known.

I will say that my enthusiasm for the man has calmed down as I've gotten older. Don't get me wrong, I still love everything he produces and performs, but I no longer fantasise about the kids we were inevitably going to have and how much he was going to fall in love with me, the moment he set eyes on me etc and so forth... yes, I was a teenage girl with questionable fashion taste and an unbelievably cliche mind.

Naturally, I went to the second concert tour for his Futuresex/Lovesounds album and, due to paying for these tickets myself this time, only managed to get seats up in the really dangerous section, where one wrong misstep would result in a plummet to my death, taking a multitude of Timberlake obsessed fans with me. Thankfully, I managed to stay alive and on my feet, although just a tiny bit terrified for the entire concert. Once again, this man performed in a way that did very hot and flustering things to me and my love for him grew.

I am sad to say that I have not been able to get tickets for this recent tour, which has been gutting for me, however, I've been making up for it with overplaying the new albums until I know every inch of them as much as his first two albums. I'm not quite there yet, but almost.

If you haven't bought the latest albums, or indeed any of them, yet, then do it. Do it now! Each album tends to take on a new theme and style from the last one, making them all very different to each other. 20:20 Experience is no exception. He has explored a variety of different styles throughout the songs, and is strongly influenced by a 1920's style. I will say that, as it stands, I prefer his previous 2 albums over this one, but that does not at all mean that it isn't good. It's still freakin' awesome, because the Timberlake doesn't know how to create bad music. Full stop. No arguments...

Now for him to just learn that trick for his movies... I'm getting really tired of having to use the statement "I do like it, but only because I love him... otherwise, yes I understand how you might think it's a crap film"... With the exception of Blacksnake Moan, I cannot for the life of me work out why I love that film so much, but I do.

Peace out my lovelies

(PS: 8 days to go until A World Reborn: Book 2 in the Utopia Series is available on Amazon! Exciting, no? Buy your copy on Friday 9th May 2014... if you want, no pressure... I'm not demanding you do it or anything... unless that works for you? In that case, BUY IT!!)

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