Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Salad and a formal apology for the worst thing I have ever done.

I'm eating a lot of salad at the moment... Like a ridiculous amount. It's my lunch Monday to Friday every week. I'm officially sick of the stuff but I'm determined to keep eating it. Why? I have a bridesmaid dress that I need to fit into in a month and a half and I am beginning to panic... It has been my goal dress, and has pushed me in my incentive to lose weight, I'm almost in it, I'm so close. But as I can't afford gym membership and am allergic to outside exercise, I'm stuck with just eating healthy to lose the weight. Plus, you know, no one needs to see me running at them in the street, arms flailing and stomach heaving from the lack of fitness. It would leave the strongest of people with post traumatic stress disorder from that experience.

As a result of no exercise, the salad has become a necessity otherwise there is going to be a serious wardrobe malfunction on the day of Older-Brother-Glyn's wedding... it won't be pretty.

In other news, I have a few grammatical pet peeves in my life. Things that I see in other people's punctuation that evokes a stronger reaction out of me than if I were to be shown live open heart surgery. I get sick, I jerk away from the sentence structure with an involuntary spasm, and then the OCDs kick in, and every part of me wants to fix the text so that it reads correctly. Of all these pet peeves, there is one that stands higher than any other. It is a common one, but an important one... the correct use of your/you're,  and their/there/they're. It makes me want to cry if it's used wrong. I know it sounds pretentious and like I should really find something more substantial to do with my life, but when you're a person who spends their daytime proofing and correcting doctors' letters, and evenings and weekends writing blogs, books and short stories, you begin to become obsessed with certain things. I've also not made a big deal about it in the past because I am fully aware that my grammar in other areas is not entirely perfect. To be honest, I have a tendency to fudge my way through most grammatical rules, guessing and pretending as I go, so I have no leg to stand on. But there are a few (mainly apostrophe based) that I take very seriously indeed.

That being said, you can imagine my surprise when my cousin-in-law, who is currently reading my second book (have I mentioned I've written two books? Utopia and A World Reborn, both available on Amazon? I have mentioned that? Okay.), has made me aware of not one but two occasions where I have not only made the your/you're mistake, but have also managed to miss this your/you're mistake in the 15,000 times I read through that thing... how, how??? There have been a great many things that I have done in my life that has left me ashamed and not proud of myself, all of them pale in significance in the face of this however. This is the worst thing I have ever done, and I offer my sincere apologies for any hurt it may have caused to those who might have already read it. I will be correcting this mistake in the future, you have my word. Citizens of Earth, I will right this wrong. I will make things okay again, I promise this to you. It is unacceptable, I am a fool, and there is no other excuse for it. Please accept my humble apologies and maybe one day you can all learn to trust me again...

Peace out my lovelies

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