Thursday, 1 September 2011

Tip: If you want to talk about your extreme neuroses without any consequence, it's best to check who you're talking to first.

Following yesterday's post where I shared with the group just how completely neurotic I can be, I entered into conversation with two colleagues at work, Dr-D and Awesome-Ward Clerk-M. 

(Awesome-Ward-Clerk-M has been shortened to AWCM)

Me: I wrote about more of my LOCDs again last night. (I then proceeded to tell them about my intricately planned out routine from work as highlighted here)
AWCM: (To Dr-D) Her OCDs are worse than yours. 
Dr-D: My OCDs are just making sure my letters are formatted and saved correctly. Hers are definitely worse. 
Me: I fail to see what is wrong with knowing what you like and sticking to it. 
Dr-D: (Raises his eyebrows silently)
AWCM: Why do you call them LOCDs?
Me: Because they're only Lisa's version of OCDs as I'm afraid to go to my GP in case I really get given the diagnosis. 
Dr-D: Too late. 
Me: (looks at him as the colour drains from my face) Holy crap, you're a Psychiatrist aren't you? 
Dr-D: That's what they tell me. 
Me: ... Damn it. 


It's not official until I'm sitting on a chair in a doctors office at an appointment I booked. Until then I'm still going to say I have LOCD's only. 

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