Friday, 2 September 2011

One more for the road...

Okay peeps,

This is my last post for just over a week as tomorrow I am off to Ireland to meet the family who have been holidaying there for the last week.

I'm pretty excited as I've never been to Ireland before and I'm pretty sure that that is embarrassing given how close I am to it.

I'm also excited due to the fact that the Irish accent is a yummy one and I plan on parking myself down in a busy pub, closing my eyes and just soaking in the sound of the drunken Irish men around me. Yup that is all I plan to do. I don't have any money so I won't be buying any drinks but if I hide myself in amongst a crowd of the more rowdy lot then chances are the barmen won't chuck me out for loitering.

Lots of people have been asking me where in Ireland I am heading off to. This question has been answered with the same answer that I am holding today which is... I have not got a clue. All I know is that my airplane is landing in Cork but that isn't where I am staying.

I'm sure I will have lots to blog about in my second week of my hols as I will be up in freezing cold Scotland visiting the parents new home.

While I'm away next week though I plan on getting loads of my writing done for my second book (still to be named)... that is while I'm not at the pub hiding myself of course...

What I guess I'm really looking to get out of this holiday is to find me a nice ginger Irish man. I'm not looking for much out of him as my phobias will kick in the moment he did try to be romantic, but if he could just place himself in front of me and talk all week then I'm pretty sure it would be like what I imagine heaven to feel like.

Also Younger-Brother-Daniel has been there a week and can confirm that we are able to get Doctor Who on the TV in our rented home so I honestly don't see any reason for it not being an awesome holiday.

I am sorry that I will be gone though as this next week will make it the longest I would have gone without writing something on this thing since I started in March. I'm pretty impressed with myself to be honest, I really thought I would have given up on the whole blogging fiasco by now. But no, I am loving it and (without being at all mushy because I will just get all embarrassed) I have all of you lovely readers to thank.

I know I'm a little late in this on the account of taking my holidays later in the year than most but I hope you all have had an awesome summer. If you still have hols to come then enjoy them, if you've already had yours then I hope you had a good time and also... ha ha you have to go back to work/school and I haven't even started my hols yet.

On that note, if you fancy reading something new of mine while I'm gone I have been writing this crap for a few months now so feel free to go back and read some more pointless absolutely time wasting stories instead of doing actual work.

See you in a week and until then...

Peace out my lovelies.

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