Saturday, 10 September 2011

A week without internet? Turns out I become a little jittery.

I'm not going to lie to you, this past week has been weird. Don't get me wrong, I've loved the whole "getting away and not having to anything that contributes to worthwhile society" bit but it has come with it's consequences.

You see those eagle eyed readers may have noticed I said I would tweet in the absence of my blog and then went on to notice that aside for some "toilet" humour at the airport on my way to the hols, there has been a severe lack of any internet commenting on my part whatsoever.

This has not been because I have had better things to do... please, although my holiday has been awesome there have been moments when I have been chomping at the bit to leave at least a little tweet here or a facebook comment there. The reason for internetual silence has been because I have simply not been able to access the internet... at all... for 7 whole days.

Younger-Brother-Daniel who travelled over to Ireland a whole week before me, jumped on me the moment I arrived with questions on what the world has been like on youtube and whether 'wheezywaiter' or the 'vlogbrothers' have done anything particularly hilarious this week. He has also not been able to find out anyhting going on the world on account of not being able to catch 'sxephils' daily youtube reports which have been his equivalent of watching BBC news. For those of you who aren't savvy to the youtube world, these are all regular youtube vloggers. Younger-Brother-Daniel may not be entirely blogwise but vlogwise? Man, that boy knows his stuff.

The shifty look in his gaze and the shaky way in which he had grabbed my arm when I had entered the car let me know that this week had been hard on him internet wise and suddenly my excitement for the relaxing holiday ahead was laced with traces of dread and fear.

I calmly spent the three hours journey to our remote bungalow explaining to Younger-Brother-Daniel the videos that our joint vlog heros had uploaded this week, trying to add as much 'word for word' detail as I could possibly muster into my description. I could tell that I had helped when I saw the relaxed smile stretch over his face and the joyful laughter that escaped his lips, it was the kind that you might expect from a highly strung addict who had just received his first fix in a very long time. (As I am typing this, he is on the computer next to me, logging onto Youtube and plugging my earphones into the screen.)

The journey down begun my first experiences of the dry spell Younger-Brother-Daniel was a week into as I desperately tried to explain a video and went to my default reaction which was "I'll show it to you on youtube", this being swiftly followed by a small sob in the back of my throat as I realised that I would not be able to show him anything on any form of internet channel. I met Younger-Brother-Daniel's eyes as he shared an 'I know how you feel' look with me and tapped my shoulder sympathetically.

As the journey continued I attempted to change the subject, talk about things that didn't need an internet to function. We eventually got onto the subject of TV and the programs that we were all currently watching. A few were mentioned but it wasn't long before the whole family (aside from Marmie who sat there with her kindle and simply smiled that she had her family with her) settled on the subject of Dr Who.

Oh how we discussed, oh how we laughed, oh how we revelled in the joy that although there was no internet there was still a functioning BBC one channel waiting for us back at the bungalow.

It wasn't until we arrived on the topic of determining a certain actor from this TV show that I was thrown back into my gut wrenching fear.

Younger-Brother-Daniel has been shortened to YBD

Father: I know I've seen her somewhere before.
YBD: I think she just looks like someone else, that's all.
Father: No I've definitely seen her before in something else.
Me: Well we don't need to fret, I'll just check the IMDB app on my phone and... oh.

Once again Younger-Brother-Daniel patted me sympathetically on the shoulder and mentioned something along the lines of:

YBD: I wish I could tell you that it gets easier but I really don't want to lie to you.

As the week has progressed I have learnt that there really is no much point to my iphone when there isn't an internet connection attached to it and so (very uncharacteristically) I have been leaving my phone in my room and venturing around the little bungalow and even outside the house without it.

I have learnt in this week that I was able to do so many other things without the internet functionality available to me. Things such as write two new chapters to my second book, which takes the count up to five chapters in total now (I am now willing to send it to previous readers such as Jo-Jo and One-And-Only-Daniela if they would like to read it), also I have read a total of five books!! Today I even read two! (One of these happened to be World War Z and I am now officially all over that shizzle when the Zombie apocolypse arrives.) I've also dicovered that if you concentrate really hard and take all your happy pills like a good girl then the 'no-internet' shakes tend to only last a maximum of an hour a day... result.

Despite my complaints, I have had a pretty awesome first week of my holiday and the lack of internet has been fairly tolerable, leaving me to discover the wonders of Ireland such as Fungie the Dolphin, My innate ability to hoola like I just don't care, and the day I spotted a Dalek. But I wouldn't want to use up all my fun anecdotes in one little post so I shall be back soon with more.

I have missed you all immensely, it has been like I've been without my friends. Even though both Younger-Brother-Daniel and my reactions have been the height of much concern from Father and his worries for us 'not living in the real world' and the fact that I am only on the ferry to Scotland and I've managed to find free internet so jumped on to immediately post like some form of druggie, I will miss the rain and wind of the most southern parts of the Republic of Ireland. I guess I'll just have to accustom myself to the predicted hurricanes I'm about to experience in Scotland... aaah, British weather, how I love thee.

Until next time, it gives me great joy in saying...

Peace out my lovelies.

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