Sunday, 18 September 2011

My reason for being rubbish... you know you've all been there.

Apologies people for my blatant lack of anything on this blog for the last week. You see, although I have now had internet, I have also been in holiday mode.

You know that mode? It's when you lay on the sofa with your double duvet and pillows watching TV and think to yourself, "I'm going to do something worthwhile with my day today" and then you see that TV programme come on that you never watch because you're usually working at this time and you then go on to think "Well I've always said to myself that I should try something new every once and a while." But of course during the TV programme your eyes have wondered to your collection of DVD series box sets and you notice Supernatural. This is something that you have been watching the latest series of on TV at the moment but it's been ages since you had seen it from the beginning so you think to yourself "I have time, I mean I'm off for the rest of the week... might as well." Next thing you know is you're three days and two and a half series in to a TV series you already know off by heart and you find your imagination wandering to a place where you're an evil sexy demon who Jensen Ackles has to kill but he doesn't want to because secretly he's in love with you and he can't bring himself to take your life.

hmmm... hello Jensen Ackles

And then you find yourself at your computer on a Sunday afternoon and you suddenly realise you have to go back to work tomorrow and you probably should have been a bit more exciting with your week at home rather than only exiting the house twice, once for more food and the other to crash at another persons house for the rest of the night which you're sure if you are honest enough with yourself really doesn't count.

And that, my dear friends is why I have been missing. I wasn't visiting the world, I wasn't doing amazingly worthwhile things with my life... no I was watching the world get saved by the ridiculously beautiful looking Winchester brothers whilst writing an entire series for them in my head where I played the leading lady.

Also my Hanjie puzzlebook is looking really good. I have done eight of the puzzles (each take about five hours to do) and I have not made one single mistake! That's like never happened before! I am officially becoming the reigning champion of the game that no one has ever heard of (apart from myself and the odd few Japanese people).

This has been my week, and for some reason this has been the post that makes it onto my blog. As opposed to last week where I was in Ireland/Scotland and I still haven't gotten round to telling you the spine tingling story of my near death experience with one of Doctor Who's most hated enemies... It was a close call and it was completely true and not in the least bit a part of my imagination at all.

I promise you that I will tell you all about that tomorrow. In the meantime I have me some Jensen Ackles to swoon over... I think I prefer him over his brother (who I find particularly sissy) because of his extreme emotional detachment for everything and his innate ability to turn anything that might upset him into a joke. I think I'd be pretty gutted if Jensen in real life wasn't like his character Dean. I would just hate it if he met me and started taking me seriously and want to know about my feelings... what good are you to me then Jensen? Come on! Grow a pair!

And on that note, I promise I will be back tomorrow at my usual time as my life goes back to normal. Until then...

Peace out my lovelies.

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