Friday, 23 September 2011

I hate goodbyes to nice people.

My favourite doctor at the hospital I work at had his last day today. This is Dr-D, the man responsible for diagnosing my mental illnesses. 

Each day I probably spend about an hour with him talking about... Er, well it starts with talking about work but we have been known to deviate onto TV shows and movies. 

This time going missing from my work day, coupled with my issues mentioned in yesterday's post means I am going to suddenly be at a loss on Monday morning. This resulted in the following phone conversation with Work-Buddy-James today. 

Work-Buddy-James has been shortened to WBJ. 

Me: Dr-D's leaving today. 
WBJ: I know, how you doing?
Me: I typed a dictation for him earlier and then welled up when I realised that was the last one I would ever do.
WBJ: That's a little melodramatic. It's not like he's dying. 
Me: He might as well be. 
WBJ: That's... pleasant. 


Me: Yesterday I write a blog about how I can't stop talking at the moment. 
WBJ: At the moment??
Me: I've been worse than usual this week. 
WBJ: Actually I had noticed. 
Me: It's really annoying me. 
WBJ: Me too. 
Me: (Sighs) Yeah, sorry about that. Also sorry for what will happen from Monday onwards. 
WBJ: What's going to happen Monday?
Me: I like to have more than one friend I can talk to in one given place so that I can spread the talking out and people still continue to like me. At work, I tend to spread the main bulk of it between you and Dr-D. 
WBJ: So this means you're going to learn to talk less?
Me: You'd think that would be the logical choice... But no. 
WBJ: Ah. 
Me: I'm afraid I might be doubling my time with you to fill the void. And that will leave me with a lot of space to talk in. 
WBJ: (Doesn't respond)
Me: Aw damn it, you're going to start avoiding me by the end of next week aren't you?
WBJ: (Unconvincingly) I'm sure it will be fine. 

Another half hour goes by as I talk about rubbish, again not really able to stop. WBJ has tried on several occasions to hang up the phone but I then ask him a question and he's reeled back into the conversation. During a particularly long speech of mine I interrupt myself and groan. 

Me: I'm doing it again aren't I?
WBJ: (pause) I think I'm going to start avoiding you from the end of this week instead. 

At some point next week I'm sure I will be posting something with the title "The day our friendship died."

All of this is Dr-D's fault. How dare he move onward to develop his career! Talk about selfish. 

Peace out my lovelies. 

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