Monday, 26 September 2011

Irrational anger is fun for no one involved... not even the people I kill.

I'm a little bit stressed today.

Not for any reason, not because anyone has made me so, but I am well and truly ready to physically bite someone's head off and chew on their bones.

Before you ask, it is definitely related to that rather annoying 'time of the month that makes a woman evil' thing. However, I am not able to tell my temper that or have time to forewarn the poor person who ends up on the disaster end to what I am pretty sure is amounting to a complete and utter freak out.

I do think that I am past the point where I will be able to bring myself down from my irate position and as such I do recommend that no one speak, move or breathe around me at least for the rest of the day.

I wish there was a way of bulletting this around my work place without people thinking I am sharing far too much information and start avoiding me forever because they think I'm weird.

What I really need to do is hide myself away until I get home, then stub my toe on some inaminate object (preferably something I don't like), and then go to town on destroying the stupid thing for being so idiotic and being in my way.


This needs to be an object I do this to and not a person because I do not want to end up in jail tonight. Their beds are really pretty uncomfy and everyone knows the only way to calm down an irrational woman lergy attitude is a large comfy bed and a hot water bottle. I go to jail tonight and I'm just going to do the same thing again the moment I get bail. So with that in mind:

Dear Irrational Anger boiling up inside me,

I appreciate that you don't like to be contained in small spaces, and I know that every inch of you wants to get out and let yourself loose on the world... but if you could possibly do this without making me kill or voilently hurt anyone then I would be most grateful.

You see, not only would the act of violence get me in trouble with the law, but I also work with the people I am currently in contact with and I really don't want to have them looking at me weird tomorrow because I bit someone's ear off and spit it back in their face. I like the people here, they're nice and probably don't deserve to lose their hearing on account of me.

So Anger, if you could find it within yourself so just sizzle under the surface until I can get into the safety of my own home I would really appreciate it.

I don't mean to bother you, and I know you quite clearly have a lot of other things on your mind at the moment, but I caught the look in a colleague's eye earlier as I was telling them about my current mood and I got to say, they looked a little bit terrified.

Thanks for all your irrational help in the past, it's been most inconvenient.

With Love,



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