Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Being funny with Sam and Dean, a wedding premonition, killing procrastination, and wiggling one's bottom.

Sup dudes! How's it ahanging?

I'm in a slightly good mood today. My reasons are as follows:

1. Last night I wrote out a list of all the geniunely funny episodes of Supernatural, then went on a binge fest of all the comic genius within. 

Fans of Supernatural will be aware of the general rule of thumb when it comes to that programme. As a whole, the storylines are generally angsty and dramatic, focusing on the bond of brotherhood and how this is strengthened or damaged when mashed in with a world of demons and angels... pretty much it in a nutshell, I feel. However,  about 2-4 times a series, they take a break from the "If I don't save the world by sacrificing my life in a, if not new, then slightly adapted way from the last time, then no one will and we will all fall into the pit of hell/heaven (which, in this case is a bad thing)/ other dimension etc and so forth" and just get silly instead.

I kinda live for these episodes. Not that I don't love me some over the top dramatic angst, but you do need to have a little balance in order to get through sometimes... hence why I am struggling to finish Breaking Bad. Don't get me wrong, I freakin' love the show, but it is just too much drama and pain for a full on marathon and I'm kind of wishing that one of the episodes do that classic "turn it into a musical" thing soon, otherwise I might fall into a depressive coma... take a moment to think about that. How awesome would it be if Breaking Bad did a musical? I know it's finished now and all that, but I reckon they could do a one-off...

Starts singing:
How do I make this meth?
Without subjecting myself to death?
I like doing stuff with breath...

Catchy, no?

Anywho, Supernatural. They do do the whole funny episode once in a while, and 9 times out of 10, they do it perfectly. So, having finished my marathon catch up with them by watching the entire season 8 and all that has been aired of season 9, I found myself at a loss until I realised I could just go ahead and watch every one of their funny episodes. It's kinda perfect because normally these episodes have very little to do with the overall storyline, so work as stand alone episodes. So, being the geek girl that I am, I made a list of the funniest Supernatural episodes and began my marathon last night. I laughed, I perved over Jensen Ackles, it was lovely and put me in that "can sleep happy" mood that all women subject to nightly nightmares are dying to achieve. Which then lead to a not bad dream, and my next reason for being happy today...

2. My first dream about Older-Brother-Glyn and New-To-The-Family-Amy's pending wedding.

Yes, it has been on my mind for long enough now that my subconscious has begun the dreams about Older-Brother-Glyn's wedding. Last night, I experienced my first subconscious impression of how it is going to pan out. There was alcohol, an old creepy house, a few bitchy people and a dragon involved. But do not worry readers, I completely slayed the hell out of that dragon, despite the bitchy girls saying I couldn't. I slayed him hard and good with this mystical sword that I found hiding in the grass.

I'm going to go ahead and assume that this was a simple weird dream rather than an actual prophesy dream or anything. Although I have made note of how I slayed this dragon... you know, just in case it actually happens. You can never be too sure and I hate to rule anything out...

3. I am becoming queen of the pro-active and positive choices in my life.

Remember last week, when I said that I had done a bunch of grown up and pro-active things that could only improve on my life? Well, I've just not stopped in the grown up stuff!! I mean, yes I did also spend my entire weekend in a mystical world where shape shifters and the Winchester brothers exist, but in amongst that I totally rocked at sending out important emails and making vital plans in ensuring that important things happen and stay happening. Yes, I managed to do all the things I was meant to do without actually letting procrastination win. Which I then rewarded myself with a pat on the back and at least five minutes of me smiling in the mirror to make myself feel good that someone wants to smile at me for so long... I know what you're thinking, but yes it was endearing and sweet and didn't once get at all creepy.

I'm also trying out Salsa classes tonight with One-And-Only-Daniela, which I'm pretty certain I'm going to love because A: I'm just going to pretend I'm on Strictly Come Dancing (best competition show ever) and B: I'm actually doing something on a weekday evening... I can't even remember the last time that happened.

And my last, but certainly not least, reason for being happy is:

4. I am writing the most exciting and terrifying section of my book at the moment.  

It is the end point of Book 2 in my writing journey and so much excitement is happening within me, I swear I'm going to burst. I have been thinking about this particular ending to the book since I began writing Book 1. I knew how this book would end before I even knew how Utopia was going to end. It has been the one thing that has been keeping me going in finishing it. I have been buzzing and I cannot wait to write it. In fact, waiting to get to this point has been almost torture for me. But now it's here, and I began to write this particular section on my way home from work yesterday. Such was my happiness over this, I fear that the people on the train with me were slightly disturbed by the sheer amount of wiggling in my bum region that was taking place.

Also, for those who have read book 1, I really hope that you didn't think it was too long, I don't think anyone did, or if they did, they haven't said anything to me.... anywho, book 2 has just reached the word count of book 1 and still has a bit of a way to go, so I can exclusively reveal (to the four people I know have read it) that it will be longer than book 1. In fact, I can safely say that I am going the way of JK Rowling in the lengths of my books... at least that's something I can boast as being similar to her genius.

And that's all I have that explains my happiness. I hope that is enough.

Peace out my lovelies.

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