Tuesday, 18 February 2014

A night of family fun for Marmie's birthday

Marmie came over from Ireland yesterday for work related stuff. It was her birthday on Saturday. Older-Brother-Glyn, New-To-The-Family-Amy, Younger-Brother-Daniel and I met for food yesterday evening.

It was nice. Since The-Parents moved to Ireland, the amount of time spent with them is pretty minimal and limited to the odd moments when they are required to come to London for work. We met in Leicester Square, which is in central London. Due to Older-Brother-Glyn and New-To-The-Family-Amy running a little late, Younger-Brother-Daniel, Marmie and I decided on a restaurant. A decision that Older-Brother-Glyn was disgusted with, as we had chosen Garfunkels. Cheap and cheerful. However, Older-Brother-Glyn apparently was very excited at the prospect of eating somewhere a little more exciting, given Father's absence from the evening. Father has always been the more picky eater of the family. As such, when he is with us, we are usually unable to eat anywhere more interesting than a restaurant that didn't originate from England or America. Older-Brother-Glyn was ecstatic at the prospect of being able to use London to it's full potential, by finding a far more interesting place to eat. However, when Younger-Brother-Daniel announced to Marmie what his intentions were, Marmie suddenly picked up pace and suggested that we go to Garfunkels now, to stop Older-Brother-Glyn from making us eat somewhere out of her comfort zone.

When Older-Brother-Glyn arrived at the restaurant, he attempted to get us all to leave, but we had already sat down and were comfy so refused, much to his disgust.

Once everyone arrived, the topic quickly moved onto the upcoming wedding between Older-Brother-Glyn and New-To-The-Family-Amy. Given that it is now only 5 months away, everything is getting to that exciting part where venues have been booked, hen nights have been arranged, dresses have been bought and save the date e-vites have been sent. This, incidentally, is something that Older-Brother-Glyn was in charge of creating and has been incredibly proud of. The Save The Date basically consists of a fork digging into the food version of a date. It was very clever and ever so slightly amusing. However, there has been some confusion as not many people have realised that the prune shaped image is, in fact, a date, and so have been inquiring as to why a fork is digging into a raisin/poo. However, when the e-vite has been explained to the multitudes of people who didn't realise what it was, there has been a moderately amused response to the comic aspect of it.

Now, it's safe to say that Older-Brother-Glyn has gone against the stereo typical version of a groom and has been very hands on in terms of the plans for the wedding. The whole day is going to be ever so slightly different and quirky, and not at all a traditional take. It sounds awesome, reflecting both their personalities perfectly. Older-Brother-Glyn has been incredibly excited in the planning and preparation involved in this. However, I think it's safe to say that New-To-The-Family-Amy has been a little more proactive when it has come to actually putting arrangements into actions. An example of this is that she organised bridesmaids and her dress and, well, pretty much everything that is limited to the Bride side only, months ago. The only thing left is to find the bridesmaid dresses, but it's safe to say that everything else is done. Older-Brother-Glyn on the other hand, mainly due to being his normal indecisive self, is just about getting round to organising the groom side. An aspect that I should have realised, given that I have known him my entire life, but unfortunately I was not totally clued onto last night.

So last night, I may have ruined two very special moments between my brothers. First, Older-Brother-Glyn was talking about his groom party and how he was just going to have a series of ushers rather than one particular best man. I happened to ask the question, "Is Daniel going to be one?" To which Older-Brother-Glyn then looked at me as if I had just killed his cat, and turned to Younger-Brother-Daniel.

"It was going to be this big moment," He said, in a monotone. "But, Daniel will you be one of my ushers?"

Daniel shrugged. "Sure." He said.

I looked at Older-Brother-Glyn sheepishly. "Sorry." I said. "I thought you would have asked him by now."

In my defence, New-To-The-Family-Amy had asked me to be a bridesmaid back in September...

Later, the conversation moved onto the topic of wedding invitations. Younger-Brother-Daniel is a kick-arse graphic designer and artist. He's amazing, seriously, like woah...

And those were things he did back in 2009, he's even better now... yeah, I'm proud, and also his number 1 fan.

Anywho, due to this, I made the natural assumption that Older-Brother-Glyn would therefore have asked Younger-Brother-Daniel to design the invites. It makes sense. And apparently, I was correct... with one minor correction. Older-Brother-Glyn was planning to ask Younger-Brother-Daniel to do the invites, but hadn't done yet. So, when he brought up the topic of these invites and I naturally asked if Younger-Brother-Daniel was designing them, the look he gave me will probably haunt my dreams for years to come. Turning to Younger-Brother-Daniel, in the same monotone he had held before, he said:

"As our sister clearly wants to ruin any chance of sentimental moments between us in the preparations of this wedding, would you design the invites?"

Younger-Brother-Daniel shrugged once more. "Sure, why not?"

I know there should be a part of me that feels a little ashamed I had ruined any romantic notion Older-Brother-Glyn had towards these special moments with his only brother, but in fairness, if I hadn't interjected, Older-Brother-Glyn would probably have left asking Younger-Brother-Daniel both of these questions until the day before the wedding. I have therefore helped the process, even if Older-Brother-Glyn doesn't see it that way. Points to me.

Also, as was confirmed last night when I asked if either brother had read any of my latest posts that had included them, it's a well known fact that neither of them read this stuff. Pushing past the dejecting and lost feeling their lack of support ignites in me, I'm choosing to see this as a positive. It means that really, I can say pretty much anything about them on here and neither would ever know... it feels freeing and is causing me to feel the slightest bit drunk with power...

*Stops for a moment to think of something evil and equally amusing to post about her brothers*

Dammit. Nothing. I'll sleep on it.

Peace out my lovelies.

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