Friday, 21 February 2014

Just in the nick of time... or not. Dammit!

It's 11:30pm, which means I have just 30 minutes to write a post for today. Apologies for the delay in today's post. My usual writing schedule, being my lunch break at work, was taken up  making important grown up decisions about debt consolidation and rubbish like that.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not swimming in an ocean of debt or anything. I just have a few really pesky "paying back this is getting me nowhere, due to rubbish interest rates" areas that needed to be sorted out. This all thanks to a whole different "50p still left on an old credit card I had thought I had paid off and then moved house so that I didn't receive any notifications of this 50p until a year later" problem that screwed up my credit rating about four years back.


Yes, that's right, even when I'm fighting against the man in a statement against the travesty that is the recession, I'm doing it accidentally and without any knowledge of it happening. Power to the people? I don't know.

Anywho, today I decided to do something about it by actually trying to get myself out of this whole situation. I have to say, it has been a very productive day... I'd even go as far as to say that I have possibly been more productive today than I have been for the entire three years prior combined. All that it entailed? Asking for help. Not being stubborn and believing that there are people out there who don't mind fixing other people's problems. Man, I love people.

So that's why I didn't post anything earlier today. I was being a grown up. And as exhilarating as the whole experience has been, I am really looking forward to going back to the old "barely mature" me tomorrow, all the while patting myself proudly on the back as I congratulate my ability to actually do sensible things once in a while. I mean that has to buy me at least a couple more months of ridiculousness as a reward, right?

Also, the lovely woman who helped me be all grown up was so impressed when she heard I had written a book, that she said she was going straight away to buy herself a copy... So not only did I sort out debt stuff, but I was awarded £5 from an additional booksale as a bonus.

Talking of my book. I received an email from amazon today suggesting to me a series of books that I might enjoy reading... the top of that list? Utopia by Lisa J Harries... Clearly not as much research as I had thought goes into that collection of suggestions. There goes my theory that each email is hand crafted by a cheerful little Amazon worker who does nothing all day but sit behind a desk and scroll through each individual buyer's likes and dislikes and then put together a comprehensive list of the best chosen books for them... unless this person does exist and they are either

A: Just a little bit stupid

B: Think I achieved the impossible by writing a book without actually reading a single page myself, thus making me completely oblivious to anything included in it's contents. But at the same time realises that if I just gave the book a chance, I might actually enjoy what it's about and so therefore has been placed not just in my list of suggested books, but right at the top, earning itself the title of the email.


My money's on B. To which I respond to this eager little Amazon worker; many thanks for the awesome compliment on my mad skills at being able to detatch myself from my body and I wish more than anything that it was true.

And now, due to trying to upload a picture of my email and failing miserably, because my computer is coughing out and dying on me at the moment, being massively overdue on a complete cleanout, I have missed the midnight mark and so am posting this on Friday, instead of Thursday. To those who care enough to be upset about this, (I suspect it may only be me) I am truly sorry and will try to be less sensible and adult like from now on.

Peace out my lovelies.

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