Thursday, 29 March 2012

I'm bleeding and it's all happiness's fault.

I cut my lip smiling yesterday... who does that? I do apparently.

It was rather ironic as I was being stupidly moody yesterday even though the sun was out and the weather was amazeballs and the day was going smoothly and it wasn't even my period time. For no apparent reason I was determined to stay in a bad mood and as Line-Manager-Monica is away this week, I had no one to take it out on but myself. As such, I scowled and called myself names which, I have to say, were pretty harsh and uncalled for.

I talked to Work-Buddy-James at lunchtime about the stupid mood I was illogically maintaining, he reminded me of all the reasons why I shouldn't be in the mood I was in... mainly all the reasons I mentioned above.

As such, in the afternoon, I decided to snap myself out of this silliness and force a smile on my face. How I chose to do this was to take the little hand held mirror Line-Manager-Monica leaves on her desk, look myself deep in the eye, and make the biggest smile I was capable of making.

I did this... I smiled big. And then, no sooner had I started this smile, I felt the crack of the skin over my bottom lip and I began to bleed. Go figure.

Needless to say, I gave up on that idea pretty sharpish and went on with my ongoing 'close to the mark' insults towards myself. You know, I can be such a bitch to myself when I want to be. I don't know how I sleep at night... wait, I don't. I just sit up crying over the really harsh insults I've received all day.

Anywho... I went home and had an 'early into the morning, let's be unbelievably girly and in touch with our emotions etc etc' conversation with Housemate-Anna. I like her. She's a lot nicer to me than I am.

This whole post was meant to be a sort of funny post about being moody but I fear it has simply come across as just plain moody... If this is how you have interpreted it, then please can you go back to the beginning and read it again but with the impression that I am now looking back on the time with an amused reflection of how silly emotions can be whilst eating an ice lolly and humming to myself. I won't tell you what I'm humming however, that I will leave for you to make up yourselves, give you a chance to let the creative juices flowing. If you do have a song in mind that you care to share, then by all means do so. It may give me something new to hum when writing one of my later blogs.

Anywho, Housemate-Anna sent me to bed all talked out and I slept like a baby so I have been singing her praises all morning. I wonder if she'll be happy to forget about the prospect of eventually marrying and having children and just live with me as Housemate-Anna for the rest of our lives... NOTE TO SELF: Find a way to ask Housemate-Anna this tonight without creeping her out.

I have a tank sized cup of coffee waiting for me so I'm going to go and get on with drinking that now.

Talk soon.

Peace out my lovelies.

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