Sunday, 11 March 2012

The Plum's been silly tonight.

Hello everyone. I'm currently stuck in a place called "Stevenage." I have no clue where this place is but I'm sitting on a curb next to a station where the next train that leaves is at 5:20 this morning... It is currently 1:34am. Yes that means I am stuck without a way to get home.

This is all happening because I got on the wrong train. I thought it was the right train and in all fairness it went to my station just like I thought it would. However it didn't stop at this station, nope. It stopped here and I am now stuck. This is pretty sucky.

To my parents, who are probably reading this and thinking... Why did we let her live in London? She's quite clearly going to be attacked and never seen again... Well, yes it was rather foolish of you to think that your 26 year old daughter was sensible enough to live here without getting stuck but I do have awesome friends so the So-Awesome-I-Can't-Stand-It-Andy is on his way to pick me up. Yes I am stuck here for an hour because I am so far out from home and that's how long it will take him to get here, but the important thing is he is coming! and for that reason I will be forever in his debt!

He has already come up with a list of how I will repay him, the top of the list is for me to wake him up tomorrow morning by sitting on his bedside table, dressed up as a rooster, ready to caw my very loudest and flap my arms in a manic manner in order to wake him up in time. I'm working on making this happen. I'm planning on at least ringing him with my best caw tomorrow morning... Or this morning... However you want to look at it. However he is not happy with this version of the plan. Apparently I'm already backing out of the commitment. We'll work something out I'm sure.

Anywho, the overall gist is I'm stuck in the cold England night weather with no company other than you fine people (which is actually the best company I could ask for really)and I am cold and feeling very foolish. Shame on me for trying to e responsible and get home at a decent hour! I should have just stayed out with the rest of my girls and got some form of actual bus that would actually get me home eventually.

My fingers feel like they're going to fall off due to the cold. But the good news is that no dodgy men have turned up trying to get me into their car, so, you know... Every cloud and all that.

All in all, I'm feeling very silly and very foolish.

Peace out my lovelies and wish me luck!

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